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Till the Wolf finds you

Horror, mystery, thriller !

About the project

Till the wolf finds you is a french fantastic thriller short film.


Haunted by the World War 2 trauma, Sarah is today a young home care nurse. She stands aside very old people, for their last moments. Her job means everything to her. It’s a way to forgive herself, like a purgatory. But since a few days, her past has been coming back to her and takes over her sleep. She’s summoned to a mansion by a wealthy young man, Henri, to take care of his Grandmother, who he lives alone with. At the first sight, the tension is high. Sarah and Henri are both solitary, shy, reserved, and both share secrets.

From the first night, sarah experiences strange phenomena. Reality or nightmare ? If Sarah escaped Evil once, is it back to haunt her, to take her for good ? Or is she still unconsciously traumatised by the insomnia… ?

Movie poster design

The main subject of this short film is above all, the power of trauma on the conscious and the unconscious. Tortured in the past, our main character seeks to calm his emotional imbalance.
At night, the main protagonist of our anxieties, explores our unconscious and plunges us into a madness generated by cyclical nightmares and too heavy loneliness. This is an incursion into the fear of night and sleep.
The worst demons hide in the unconscious of Man.
It’s been obvious for us to choose this genre to deal with this subject. The paranormal thriller, the psychological horror film, may well reflect a descent into hell, the revival of anxieties and more: the revelation of the worst sides of the human being.

Going through a horror movie requires first of all, a certain respect of the genre.
It's a genre that demands codes: you have to be rigorous, because there are many classics, and the fans are very picky, a lott of movie lovers, have very specific expectations. It is all about having strong characters to which one attaches. They are not perfect but are intriguing: this is what’s interesting for the audience. Sarah is alone, tortured, sensitive. We want to protect her, but we want to know what is she hiding. Henri is equally lonely and uncomfortable, socialwise. Their magnetism is obvious; they understand each other. Grandmother, Sarah's maternal figure, is cold and untouchable. speechless, she is the most charismatic character in the film. She is always present. We sense her in every room of the manor ...
The enemy, represented by Sarah's unconscious. it is getting stronger and is attacking our heroine relentlessly.
We want to settle from the start a heavy atmosphere. The use of sequence shots, tracking shots and slow movements of cameras, the use of off-field are all tools that allow us to install a musicality and create our own rhythm of dread.
We do not want to copy the classics of the genre. Because there is no question of exorcism here. The purification of the soul is evoked but it is not the subject of the film. It comes before our story.


This novel has been a big shock to me. I read it when I was very young and the plot kept me from sleeping during weeks ... I remember being disturbed by the fantastic aspect of the story that leads us, readers, to doubt the narrator's dementia or believe in the reality of the facts reported. Indeed, the narrator reports his anxieties about the presence at night of an invisible entity named LE HORLA which makes him sink gradually into a madness seeking to deliver himself from this being. This madness then leads him to carry out various actions, all more insane than the others.
More interestingly, still, the writing of this book coincides with the premises of the madness of Maupassant who contracted syphilis and became a victim himself of hallucinations and duplication of personality ...
This novel is the first inspiration of the long version of the film.


A few years later, when I discovered Stanley Kubrick's SHINING, Le Horla resurfaced in my mind.
More recently, the films of and / or produced by JAMES WAN (The Conjuring, Annabelle, Incidious) have been capable to renewing the genre and bring a new breath both modern and nostalgic. It’s in this aesthetic note that we will work on our film.

It’s main character of any horror films. Th film takes place in a mansion filled with memories and history, in which strange phenomena appear.
The attic, a veritable place of purgatory, is dark and troubled, a reflection of Sarah's spirit. It is important to emphasize the need to impose a neat and retro aesthetic (we are in 1958) that allows to include the film both in a historical reality but also to create a real universe and set the mood.


The night is silent, which can make it disturbing and frightening. This heavy silence will be marked by effects, strange noises, whispers and musical peaches (emblems of the famous "scare jump") that will accelerate as and when to deaf and suffocate our heroine.

What are the funds for?

" LOUP Y ES TU ? "Is a horror film, made with rigor, and requires budget to give justice the expected result. A team of a passionate professional crew has already been assembled and shooting is imminent, since it will last two weeks, in the spring of 2018, in Alsace.
So it's good for optimal filming and post-production that we need your support.
You are more than needed for the success of our film!
And more precisely :
- To give the best image possible and thus rent optimum technical equipment
- To realize ambitious special effects on the set
- To build some of the sets
- To rent costumes that will give body to each of the characters
- To feed, hydrate and host a team of 30 technicians and actors
By supporting "LOUP Y ES TU? »You claim that you believe in our project with our eternal gratitude and the certainty of participating in a committed film of genre, you will be able to win the counterparts listed on the right: tee-shirt, mug, invitation to the premiere, meeting with the team and more !

Exemple of the official sweatshirt ! (non contractual)

About the project owner


Major output of her school in audiovisual communication in 2003, Julie discovers the workings of film production alongside filmmaker Robert Guédiguian at AGAT Films & Cie.
Her career then allows her to assist directors such as Roman Polanski, Julie Taymor, Sam Mendes or Glenn Casale on the adaptation of their Broadway musical performances in Paris: Mamma Mia !, Cabaret, Dance of Vampires, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Sister Act, etc. This experience gives her the opportunity to learn alongside masters of staging.
It's only natural that in 2013 she will go on writing and directing herself. Her experience in fiction allows her to give a specific style to storytelling projects such as fashion films, live recordings, trailers, commercials or “behinf the scenes” videos.
She collaborates with brands and companies around the world: Chanel, Chaumet, Stage Entertainment, Cartier, Balmain, ELLE Magazine, Sting, Blondie, Roger Waters, VYV, House of Cards, etc.
In 2014, she directed a second short film OUTCAST, short film short Cannes and Los Angeles FilmFest and Phoenix Film Festival.
In 2016, she directed BEYOND THE LIGHT, an experimental short film that will be semi-finalist at the Los Angeles Film Festival. The famous American channel SHORTS TV then buys the film for a 6-month exclusivity, then a broadcast for two and a half years in North America.
In 2017, she attends the masterclass of the American doctoral script John Truby on scriptwriting, with additional classes on comedy, action film, love story and thriller ...


Alyzée discovers her passion for music, acting and dance from an early age at the Conservatoire de Massy.
In addition of getting her Bachelor's degree, she studied drama under the direction of Raymond Acquaviva. At the same time, she started her training at the Conservatoire du 5ème and Sarah Sanders and Amy Leavites.
She got the first role of the musical "PEAU D'ANE" at the Théâtre de la Madeleine, continues her way with JONAS LE MUSICAL, or the ILE AUX TRESORS.
In 2015, she’s hired at the Mogador Theater with the BAL DES VAMPIRES, directed by Roman Polanski. Follows THE EXTRAORDINARY JOURNEY OF JULES VERNE.
In 2016, she’s part of the famous musical NOTRE-DAME DE PARIS at the Palais des Congrès interpreting the role of Fleur de Lys.
Also the movie “BAD BUZ” by Stéphane Kazandjian.
Currently, Alyzee is Sandy in Grease at the Mogador Theater.


After his bachelor's degree, Alexis went the drama school “Cours Florent” where he met Michel Durand and Michelle Harfaut, who recommended him to Takami Production, with whom he stared “Un amour’ by Sophie Tavert.
In parallel, he learned to sing with Pierre Yves Duschesnes at the International Academy of Musical theater in Paris.
There follows an appearance in the TV movie “Rien dans les poches” of Marion Vernoux, and in HARD season 2 for Canal +. He plays Chuck Cranston in the musical FOOTLOOSE, and performs in many family musical shows like “Robin Hood: The Legend”, at the Marsoulan Theater.
He is selected by Stage Entertainment to play Gaston in Disney's Beauty and the Beast.
From November 2014, he plays Aladin in the show Aladin, faîtes un voeu!
In 2016, he plays Roméo Montaigu in Roméo et Juliette, les enfants de verone for the Asia Tour and stars with Emma Watson in the Disney live action remake of  Beauty and the Beast, in the role of Stanley .
In 2017, he goes back on the Theater Mogador stage to play Danny Zuko in the mythical musical GREASE.
Alexis surrounded by Bill Condon, Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Dan Stevens, Josh Gad, Luke Evans and Alan Menken at the press conference of Beauty and The Beast.


At the age of twelve, Louis is intrigued by the camera of his parents, and it is at this age that he begins to film his band of friends skaters, almost intuitively. Arrived at the high school he integrates the Audiovisual option that allows him to go to Tatarstan (Russia) to shoot a documentary on local traditions. From then on, when he gets graduated, he turned to a BTS Audiovisual then went on to make his arms in Canada as a cameraman / editor in an agency based in Montreal. Two years later and back in Paris, Louis focuses on his first motivation: to make his passion, photography in cinema, his job. He’s part at first of a large number of shorts with very little or no budget, so he knows how to use wisely the gear he has for a film. Needless to say, the projects are more ambitious and diversify: commercials, clips and entertainment. He works for names like Repetto, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Blondie, Grease, l'Oreal or West Side Story. Very close to nature, he draws inspiration from it in his approach to the light and the setting, without ceasing to be attentive to the scenario and the director for whom he strives to bring his own eyes.


Created in 2016, CALLIZ is a young production company that initially operates in advertising, live performance and fashion. With these successes in the commercial and live field, CALLIZ wishes today to support fiction and bring projects of short and independent films to the screen! LOUP Y ES TU? is their first fiction production:
"We want to create an independent production studio - JUDE Films - to welcome the best storytellers and offer them an environment of freedom to create different, independent and original films."
CALLIZ also plans to set up a scriptwriting collective for mid 2018 as part of the development of a TV series.


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