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The Twist Again of kid's fashion

About the project

A young entrepreneur who believes in an ethical and organic fashion! We have developed a webshop www.lootz-shop.com which offers organic clothing and fashion for babies and children from 0 to 6 years.

No. At Lootz, we practice Twist again: the opportunity to return clothes that have become too small. We give them a second life and you have customer benefits on your next orders. You participate in the circular economy in a simple and trendy way.

Whether stained, with holes, or even in good condition, Lootz takes back all of them. We give a second life to clothes by recycling them, giving them to charities or selling them on the site as a second hand clothes.

The garments that are returned to Lootz are carefully sorted according to a demanding Quality Charter. The path varies according to their condition. If they are in excellent condition, they are resold as "Second Hand Clothes". This allows customers to buy used organic clothing in excellent condition, at low prices. If the clothes that are returned to Lootz can not be resold, they are given to the charity or sent for recycling, which allows to give a second life to 100% of clothes.

Everything started with a statement. When we become a parent, we live wonderful moments and we also have ... dark circles that appear, bundles of diapers that pile up and closets overflowing with clothes too small for our littles who grow too fast.

Did you know? Between the ages of 0 and 6, child's wardrobe changes on average 10 times. It takes up space and ... money. When you are a parent you also want the best for your child: the most beautiful clothes, the most resistant, the most practical!

The recycling component is just as important. Today in France, only one third of clothes put on the market, are recycled. We are convinced that the entire textile industry chain must participate in the recycling effort - not only manufacturers and consumers, but also brands and distributors.

So Lootz was born to respond to the requirements of eco-responsible parents, but also to the requirements of our time - those of environmental protection, waste reduction and more responsible consumption.

Lootz has selected for you the best Scandinavian brands. Why Scandinavian? Scandinavian fashion has long been a forerunner in organic and responsible fashion.

The brands we have selected are engaged in a process of certifications and labels (GOTS, Oeko-Tex, Made By ...) that guarantee the quality of materials without chemicals and decent work conditions for textile workers. Stock reduction and more generally, the desire to better control the lifecycle of garnements is part of a Slow Fashion trend.

We are what we wear!

Brands on the Lootz website were also selected for their creativity and design. The current collection is modern and heterogeneous. Parents can find modern or retro styles, casual or classic, serious or fun. We wish to propose an original selection with brands often unknown in France. Some examples?


What are the funds for?

Our website was launched in September 2017. We had time to test the brands, the concept, the Twist Again. Today we are in a new phase of development: become The reference webshop in France of organic fashion and design for children! By giving us a helping hand, you will allow a meaningful company to accelerate its deployment. And concretely?

  • Thanks to your contribution, we will be able to expand our team. We need skills in marketing and communication, especially on social networks. For how long, what profile? It will depend on you!
  • Other projects are starting to sprout in our minds. Upcycling is a way of giving a second life to clothes by creating new products from used clothes. We wish to be fully committed in the coming months to launch this project. For this, a market research, the partnerships, prototyping, communication will require time, energy and money: thanks to this crowdfunding campaign we can initiate the movement.

About the project owner

My name is Andra, I am a entrepreneur from Bordeaux. Like many parents, at the birth of my son I began to be interested in organic, natural products and the well-being of my baby. I did not want to make any concessions on the fashion, but when I was looking for organic clothing for my son, I found in the usual stores only bodysuits and t-shirts. I admit that the choice was limited to dress a baby from head to toe. The choice of Scandinavian brands came to me.

I started my entrepreneurial career with my values. Lootz is based on a simple philosophy: beyond economic profitability, the entire textile industry must participate in improving its functioning and reducing the environmental impact. So we prefer to reduce our margins and highlight our values.

Lootz grew up in an inspiring and committed entrepreneurial environment - the Darwin Ecosystem in Bordeaux. This dynamic universe brings together alternative companies involved in ecological and social transition processes. Accompanied by Les Premières, incubator of women's entrepreneurship, I wish to fully share with customers the values of commitment to ecology and transparency. I sincerely believe that another way of doing business, more committed and more ecological is possible.

Being at the beginning of the story, your help will be precious for Lootz to go further! Thank you!


Webshop: www.lootz-shop.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lootz.twistagain

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lootz.twistagain