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LMZG ( Lamuzgueule ) : New Album for 2016 !

by pre-ordering, produce and receive our next album in priority

About the project

Here we are ! The recording of the new album is imminent. Music, texts and arrangements are ready, video clips  in the minds of our teams and the release date is fixed. It only needs you to help us finalize the financing of production of this new album ... 

You can already pre-order the next album and enjoy  exclusive bonus (the clip in preview, the EP at home before anyone else) and allow us to give this project the highest quality possible.

This album is  yours !

After the success of the ALBUM "BADA BOOM BOOM SWING (and two previous EP) funded through our community which allowed us an exceptional tour, it's time for us to attack the third studio album. We are ready !

After this tour of over 100 gigs across France and Europe,  LMZG back to the wild with a new album that will be entitled "ZOO-LOGIC"

Several stages are planned: new video images in a "wild" clip shall we say, an EP named "ANIMAL VISIONS" (March), and after a 2016 tour that promises grrr! the new album "ZOO-LOGIC" (November)!

Our videoclip: Rodeo LMZG feat. Jenova Collective

LMZG, behind these 4 letters? Electro Swing Hop aboard a time machine back:

"Lamuzgueule just shake your crowds: Showtime! Aboard a real machine to go back in time, those insatiable musicians create a universe full of energy combined with a ball staging that cultivates musical anachronism. A trademark that made about her and causes them to turn in all of Europe.
Bowler hats, furs and zebra straps, the quintet offers a hyper innovative creation with a unique and devastating style that fuses electro swing, groove future, a hiphop flow, a horn section, dubstep passages and some Balkan moods.

Discovered in the first part of IAM in France , in Italy PAROV STELAR or Benabar in Belgium, Lamuzgueule met the challenge to coexist the era of big bands and the computers. The Duke Ellington melodies and sounds of Daft Punk. With music electro swing, the improbable becomes the inspiration for an addictive and timeless music that will unite all generations."

Our other videos already realized:


... Support the creation of our new album and receive it, and lots of other things before anyone else ...


 The new Album "ZOO-LOGIC" will be the result of many collaborations with producers of Electro Swing, Beat Glitch Hip Hop and share europe and the world!

 According to the execution speed of the recording, this new album could be up to 12 songs and will be available in November 2016. While the EP "ANIMAL VISIONS" it will be available in March 2016!

 Always Swing in a spirit mixed with electro and flow key turned to hiphop, funk side of the future increasingly present, we will be keen to restore the enthusiasm that we provide these new songs.

Line Up LMZG:

Charlot Beretta // Vocal
CamilaColt // Vocal and keyboard
GoldwinChester // Saxophone
AldoMagnum // Bass, Synth Bass, Machinery, Choirs
Gaston Glock // Guitar

TibalEmmet Brown // Sound
Vadim Stroboscope // Lights

To discover LMZG

▶ WebSite :

And to discover and follow the news here: 

What are the funds for?

Pre-orders will allow us to settle part of the cost of the album, so you become our generous contributors. And above all, you become co-producers of the band's third album!

Progress of the project:

  • January 2016 / Shooting a new videoClip
  • March 2016 / Output EP "ANIMAL VISIONS"
  • March-September 2016 / Tour Animal Visions
  • April 2015 to May 2016 / Creations, arrangements and rehearsals songs
  • September 2015-May 2016 / Rehearsals and setting up teams
  • May 2016 / Recordings Studio titles
  • June 2016 / Mixing / Mastering
  • September 2016 / CD pressing
  • November 2016 / The output Album "ZOO-LOGIC"

This Pre-Order Album allows us to self-produce with you and thanks to you. We can plan the release of the album more calmly because this has a cost. If each of you who have loved our last Albums or one of our concerts, or if each of our Facebook followers participates in and contributes to the collection Ulule, it becomes easier to take it out and bring to life our music !

Because "Produce" a disc, It is a big budget ... that here:

----- PRODUCTION -----
- Rental recording studio
- Remuneration taken sound engineer, mixing
- Mastering

- SDRM (tax on natural reproduction)
- Creating Graphics
- Pressing CD

----- PROMOTION -----
- Edition of promotional copies
- Clip 1
- Press Officer
- Posters, flyers, stickers - creation and distribution space Purchases

A total of 30,000 euros: On this important budget, we will make of ourselves a big part, we saved about past concerts, sales of our past records. We also expect to obtain grants. And we are asking you to contribute to the last third of the budget (less than 8% for Ulule who works to link projects and contributors).

If luckily we exceed 8500 euros requested Ulule here with our collection, we will use what remains for the development of the group and the album. We can remake Tshirts, goodies, do more advertising, a bigger book, more songs, a second videoclip, etc ...

And remember that it is a pre-order certainly support, proof of your confidence or your love, but you will receive from counterparties in exchange for this ... more you will support us the more we will ways to attract the attention of broadcasters, producers, which will lead our project as far as possible.

8500 euros is 1/3 of the budget! It is with you that we will achieve this album!


If we reach our goal of 8500 euros you will receive your albums and your counterparties and if ever we do not reach the goal so you are not charged and no Album. It would be a shame ?


PS: If you do not have the means to support us financially, you can always do this by sharing this page Ulule, LMZG our facebook page, and / or our videos!

About the project owner


In 2016 a New Ep (Mars) and New Album (November):


Some dates and key figures:

2012: RADIO BERETS & DISCO ZINA (1st Album) (Ulule)
2012: First tour in England, Germany, Italy (Ludwig Sound)
2013: I Play (EP)
2013: Flash Gordon (EP)
2014: BADA BOOM BOOM SWING (Album) (Ulule)
2014: On the cuvée Grenoble
Entry in the catalog of Delalune Agency.
2015: BBBS Remixes Gold Edition (Album) (ChinChin Records & Ulule)
2015: Gold Edition BBBS Remixes (Vinyl) (ChinChin Records)
Playslited in several international compilations including 3 times Wagram "Electro Swing"

In progress :

ZOO-LOGIC (Album, 2016)



▶ is over 5 years a team of more than 10 people

▶ to + 300 gigs in 7 different countries. (France, Belgium, England, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Czech Rep.)

▶ already broadcast on: Jazzradio, NRJ, France Bleu, etc ..
▶ More than 260,000 views on YouTube for our clips. 9500 Facebook followers. 1000000 smiles ...

▶ present on nearly a dozen international compilations (Canada, Germany, England, France etc.) whose famous Electro swing and Vol7 Vol8 (Wagram) or Electro Swing Fever 3 (Wagram), Electro Swing Revolution Vol 5 (Lolas world records ), Electro Speakeasy Club Vol 1 (queen Music Green) etc ..

▶ Accompanied by the SMAC Les Abattoirs (38)


To discover LMZG
▶ WebSite:

To discover and follow the news here:
▶ On Facebook:
▶ On Itunes:
▶ on YouTube:



If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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