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PARIAS – Notes from the DPR

"PARIAS" is an art book. It tells the story of a modern European conflict and gives voice to the forgotten people of the Donbass.

About the project

For my friends from all over the world, the translation book (in English) is offered to all the foreign contributors. 


Why support this project ? Because it is independent, it deals with a subject too little publicized and for the sake of paper. I put a lot of myself into this project and I made no concessions in order to make a beautiful book.

You can participate to the project in different ways : discover the book (digital or paper), choose an art print, talk about it around you, promote the campaign or send me a little word that will warm my heart.

Thank you, Yegan.


New video

Ever since 2014, Ukraine has been at war. In the Donbass region at Europe’s front gates, new trenches have been dug and filled with soldiers, recalling those that the soldiers of the First World War lived in a century ago. For my first report from a battleground, I wanted to witness the realities of war with my own eyes. Confronted with a situation that surpasses me, I simply wanted to understand, photograph and listen, with humility and empathy.

It was impossible for me to tell this story in just a few words or on social media. I wanted to take the time to describe and explain what I saw there through a medium that I love, and bring this project to life in the form of a book. I am very pleased to present this independently-produced and self-published book.




PARIAS is a 14 x 21 cm art book (French format). It includes 92 images over 172 pages printed in offset bichrome at the Parisian printing house Escourbiac on Arctic Volume Ivory 130g bound with black thread. This method makes it possible to honor the images, taken using small and medium-sized film cameras – most of the images were taken on a Mamiya 7ii.

I chose Toile des Marais in black linen for the cover to evoke the Moleskine notebooks that I carry everywhere with me. The hard cover is made from recycled paper and the edges are lichen-colored, and the lettering is done with a white hot-stamping technique.

PARIAHS was printed in France using environmentally friendly techniques: the dampening solution, photographic plates, development products, paper scraps and inks were all recycled after use.

I am very pleased to have partnered with Derudder Design for the design and layout of this project. - www.derudderdesign.com


I’ve been passionate about books and objects since I was a child. That’s why it was such a pleasure to collaborate on this project with masters of their craft like Escourbiac, Fred Goyeau, BERGGER and Nation Photo.

  • ESCOURBIAC is a family-owned business with a passion for paper and printing since 1963. They are one of the two French printing houses still in operation to have won the Cadrat d'Or three times, the oldest and most prestigious award for French printing firms.
  • FRED GOYEAU is a film developer. Having collaborated with Sebastião Salgado at Amazonas Images and Picto, he also works with the French artist Sophie Caille and the Russian artist Igor Mukhin. I have trusted him for nearly ten years to print my images in his laboratories located on the outskirts of Paris, in Ivry. The 26 images on display at my exhibition were printed using traditional methods in his laboratories.
  • BERGGER is the last French company specialized in the production of photosensitive materials. Founded in 1995 by Guy Gérard, the chemical engineer Guilleminot, and Daniel Boucher, BERGGER continues a century-old tradition and has resisted the digital tidal wave in order to continue offering fiber baryta paper made from high-quality cotton.
  • NATION PHOTO has been my partner and sponsor since 2016. I have developed a strong and lasting friendship with these defenders of film photography; their help has always been precious to me in the realization of my projects. I am very pleased to have them by my side again today.



There are many different rewards available in exchange for your support: invitations to the opening, the book of course, along with art prints and bookmarks recycled from the test strips from the exhibition.

  • THE BOOK – A signed copy of the art book PARIAHS, to be picked up during the opening of the exhibition or sent directly to you. It is available for pre-sale at a preferential price. I tried to keep the price as affordable as possible, without compromising the book’s quality in any way.
  • OPENING INVITATION - Invitations are valid for each country, at your convenience (France, Iran, Germany). The openings will be an opportunity to invite friends, partners, or professionals in photography and the press to discover the exhibit’s images, meet us and raise our glasses.
  • PRINTS from PARIAHS – All art prints offered as a reward for your support are limited edition, signed and numbered. I will personally sign and verify the quality of each print before it is shipped. Once the campaign is over, we will send you an email to get your choice of image to print.
  • RECYCLED BOOKMARKS - When working on an image in a laboratory, we prefer to use a "test strip" rather than a whole sheet to avoid paper waste. So I chose to create bookmarks made from the test strips from the PARIAS exhibition. They are made from BERGGER baryta paper with warm tones, developed by Fred Goyeau and cut by me.

I am thrilled to present this project in 26 prints between July and September 2020 in Paris, Berlin and Tehran. Due to COVID-19 and the global health crisis, the exhibits have been postponed, and I am currently figuring out the new dates with my partners. I will communicate these dates as the campaign progresses.


What are the funds for?

This project is not a lucrative project, I’m doing it above all with the desire to do a good job that does justice to the subject, but especially out of passion. For this pre-sale campaign, my goal is to raise €7,000 to reduce the many expenses I bear, detailed below:


1500€ - Reporting costs in the Donbass (travel, fixers, miscellaneous expenses, death and dismemberment insurance...)
  600€ - Purchase of 135mm and 120mm film
€1400 - Developments and digitization of the film
1000€ - Graphic and design work  
1400€ - Proofreading and translation
5000€ - Two-color prints (250 prints in total)
1000€ - Shipping costs and management of rewards

= €11,900

The campaign takes place in June 2020. The book will be printed in July 2020, and delivered soon after. The exhibitions will take place in July and September 2020.

About the project owner

I was born in Paris in 1991, to a studio manager father and a stylist mother who worked      `1` together in the Sentier neighborhood of Paris. After attending one of France’s competitive écoles préparatoires, I graduated with a master’s degree in entrepreneurship and international negotiation. It was during this program that I started photography, during a year abroad in Kazakhstan travelling across Central Asia. Upon my return, I joined the family business and started working internationally, continuing to develop my photography whilst traveling, either with the artist's studio Le Lavoir or as part of my professional activities in fashion, music and the visual arts.

In 2016, I created Agence Sauvage, a photography offshoot of the Studio de Création Sauvage, a collective comprised of young Parisian photographers working with film. The initial idea behind this project was to bring together users of an analogue medium, and above all to design a cooperative system for photographer-entrepreneurs to work together in a structure with a horizontal and participative hierarchy, following the example of Magnum or Gamma.

My photographic work is humanistic and revolves around my curiosity, discoveries and friendships, writing a tangible memory of my history. Today, I share my projects between Tehran, Berlin and Paris.

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