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Little Green Box

A box with ingredients + recipes to prepare 4 meals per week

About the project

You want to eat healthy but you do not necessarily have time to go groceries shopping?

You want to eat good Belgian and organic products but you do not have time to go through all the farms in your area? Every night you open the door to your fridge and wonder what you're going to eat tonight? Then Little Green Box is for you! :)



All necessary ingredients * to prepare 4 meals per week:

  • For 2, 4 or 6 people
  • Recipe cards full of little tricks
  • Good Belgian products
  • Good seasonal products
  • Good organic products
  • Simple family recipes
  • An express recipe (less than 20 minutes of preparation)
  • Three recipes of maximum 45 minutes of preparation
  • Max 2 recipes with meat
  • To prepare all alone or with family
  • With minimal waste!
  • And lots of other surprises!

* Excluding salt, pepper and fat (olive oil, butter ...)


The products are mainly produced by Belgian producers, the short food circuit, organic agriculture, and these are mainly seasonal products. But why mainly? Because we will sometimes need to go through a distributor for non-Belgian products, because we will also work with a few producers who may not be certified organic but who work in sustainable and reasoned agriculture. What is certain is that more than 90% of the products will be Belgian, organic and seasonal!

But not only ! Priority will be given to bulk products in order to get as close as possible to zero waste, and how we collaborate with producers is also different from the norm: instead of ordering, for example, 200 kg of potatoes and 1000 Pieces of carrots, producers will dictate what their freshest products are. It is from here that we will create our recipes and not vice versa!



And yes ! We want to highlight products and creations made in Belgium! That's why we are working with several projects in sustainable development (not just food), such as Green Peas, a zero-waste grocery store in Court-Saint-Etienne in Brabant Wallon, KITETIK , Kits to make your own beauty and maintenance products, and Le champignon de Bruxelles, a cooperative that uses organic waste from Brussels breweries to grow mushrooms in the capital!

These projects and many more will be put forward through monthly contests to win different products, as Little Green Box likes to pamper its customers ☺. Moreover, the recipes will not only be created by our team but by guests, to offer you different ways of cooking such as, for example, the gluten-free week, the vegan week or even the Paleo week!

What are the funds for?

The recipes are ready and the collaborations with producers / processors / creators are underway. For boxes to be physically created, Little Green Box needs your help!


Principle of crowdfunding:

For those who do not know it yet, you can contribute to the project by choosing one or more of the counterparties to the right of this page ----->

You can also participate in this project by making a free contribution.


So that the first Little Green Boxes arrive at your place, we need a minimum of 8.500 EUR.

This will:

  • Buy semi-professional photographic material (case + zoom + tripod + reflector) to create photos that will make you want to taste our recipes (and yes, because the pictures taken with a smartphone are not always nice ...): 3.150 EUR 37%)
  • Purchase small kitchen equipment to complete what we already have, in order to create new recipes that you are going to looove: 720 EUR (8,5%)
  • Financing the counterparties: EUR 3,950 (46,5%)
  • Give the commission for Ulule: 680 EUR (8%)


If we get to 11.000 EUR, the fans of the videos will be enchanted! We can then produce the first videos of the recipes so that those who are more visual can also follow the complete recipes on their tablet, smartphone or laptop.

This will:

  • Buy semi-professional photographic equipment: 3.150 EUR (28.5%)
  • Buy more small kitchen equipment: 770 EUR (7%)
  • Financing the first recipe videos: 1.000 EUR (9%)
  • Financing the counterparties: 5,200 EUR (47,5%)
  • Give the commission for Ulule: 880 EUR (8%)


If we get to 15.000 EUR, then it would be super awesome! We could then create a kick ass design for the boxes and start creating a professional e-commerce site!

This will:

  • Buy semi-professional photographic equipment: 3.150 EUR (21.5%)
  • Buy small kitchen equipment: 770 EUR (5%)
  • Financing the first recipe videos: 1.000 EUR (6.5%)
  • The graphic design of the boxes: 900 EUR (6%)
  • First stone for the creation of a professional e-commerce site: 1.000 EUR (6.5%)
  • Financing the counterparties: 6.980 EUR (46.5%)
  • Give the commission for Ulule: 1,200 EUR (8%)


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me at I will be happy to answer you!



In order to thank all those who helped bring Little Green Box to life, we will create a poster with the names of all participants in this crowdfunding campaign. This one will then be framed and will appear at the entrance of the premises of Little Green Box!



Because Little Green Box loves to pamper its (first) customers, we will organize a small raffle with not ONE but TWO prices! And yes, you will have the chance to win one of the two kits from KITETIK (value of 95 EUR each)! And one more thing: the winners will receive their counterparts directly at home, for free!


SPINACH PACK for 30 EUR or more

Want to get into zero waste? Then discover the Bag to Green bags with this pack to transport your fruits and vegetables!


FENNEL PACK for 45 EUR or more

You like the concept of Little Green Box but you are not yet conquered? So try this mini version box! All the ingredients for 2 meals for 2 people plus, one drink per meal. But not just any drink! The trendy Belgian drink Simone a soif!


CHERRY PACK for 45 EUR or more

Sometimes giving just for the sake of giving is also great fun! In this pack, you make a donation without compensation, except your name on the thank you poster.

TURNIP PACK for 65 EUR or more and PARIS PACK for 90 EUR or more

Little Green Box seems interesting to you and you want to test the box in duo version? So here's your chance!

Want to introduce Little Green Box to your family? So here it is!


POTATO PACK for 130 EUR or more

You love our concept but a week is not enough? So try this duo version squared! ☺

It is 7pm and you open the door of your fridge asking yourself what you can prepare as quickly as possible for you + 3? So this x 2 family box pack is for you!

You will receive the boxes for two weeks in a row (or with a week offset), to withdraw at your chosen pick-up point or sent directly to your home.



RUTABAGA PACK for 350 EUR or more, SALSIFY PACK for 500 EUR or more and JERUSALEM ARTICHOKE PACK for 1000 EUR or more

You like the Little Green Box but you want to go a little further in your culinary knowledge? You like the salsifis pack but you want to invite two more people because "the more you are, the better you laugh"? Want to enjoy the Little Green Box in a teambuilding or family cooking class? Then these packs are for you!

You will have the choice between 4 menus for this course of 3h30 for 4, 6 or 10 people with the super chef of Menu Next Door Xavier Noel! A list with different menus and different possible dates will be sent to you after the Crowdfunding. The price does not include drinks and a supplement will be asked for any travel outside Brussels.



All counterparts (except cooking classes ☺) will be available for pick-up at one of the adresses below:

Green Peas - Court Saint Etienne (Walloon Brabant)

Biostory - Genval (Walloon Brabant)

Biostory - Jodoigne (Walloon Brabant)

Bistory - Ottignies (Walloon Brabant) 

Bioooh - Genappe (Walloon Brabant)

Belgomarkt - Brussels

NEW --> Home delivery everywhere in Walloonia + Brussels + Vlaams Brabant!!!

You can also receive your counterpart at home (additional postage fee).

Warning ! Boxes and cooking classes, as well as participation in the raffle, will only be available for people residing in Belgium!


About the project owner

Who is behind Little Green Box?

Szandra, 32, happy founder of Little Green Box (but also many collaborators who decided to support this project in sustainable food!).

It all started in 2014, when my son was born. Vegetarian and sometimes activist, ecology and cuisine have always been an integral part of my life. But after the birth of Hugo, my whole world turned upside down. After 10 years of career in different multinationals, I fall into a burn out that allowed me to make a big STOP and realign my values ​​with my lifestyle. With a fresh catering diploma in hand, Little Green Box was born. Now I need you to give me the extra "boost" needed to bring this project to life!



To these awesome people who tested the first boxes:

Nele Dubois
Caroline Glesner
Barbara Patigny
Kristina Papanikolaou
Laurence Verset

To Eliott Van de Winckel of WICAM Productions for this super video! You will find it here too!

To Suzanne Mairesse, Stéphanie Henne and Katrien De Geest for correcting all my texts!

And most importantly, to the entire Group One team for agreeing to accompany Little Green Box in this adventure!

Our site is here ->

We are also on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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