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The Little Witches Exodus

The illustration book from the Inktober 2017

  • Woot !

    And the last sticker of this serie...

    Oh, and we reached 85%, so nice !! ^^

  • 80%

    Hi folks !
    So, we're close to 80% ! The campaign is going slowly, but surely to the 100%. And i think we can say that it will be a success... It will be time to make noise everywhere to go through the stretchgoals !

    Again, a very big thanks to all of you for talking around you about this project, and all the new backers who has arrived these days, and has given a comment. There are a lot of, so i can't answer to all of them, but it's very touching, so a big thanks, it's a real source of motivation !

    Before going, i let you with the final version of the first stickers, i hope you already like them !

  • Stickers and 70% !

    Hi folks !

    What a pleasure, after only 3 days (even if it's already 10% of the time of the crowdfunding, it's going so fast...), we're close to 70% !
    And, of course, it makes me want to believe it's possible to reach some stretchgoals ! To make it real, i will need you, my backers, because it's realy important to talk about this project around you, so we can go to the end ;).

    And, as i strongly believe in it, i already started to work on some stickers, from the first bonus stretchgoal.
    Here they are, i hope you will like it ^^.

    Thanks again, to all of you.

    For the Little Witches !!


  • Wow ! 56% !


    Hi folks !

    The project started yesterday, and we already reach 56%...

    I don't know what to say exept a big, big thank you !

    All the earlybirds are gone, and there are only 2 dedicated drawings available... i didn't think all will be gone so quickly !

    And little bonus, we're on the homepage of the crowdfunding website ^^.

    Again, thanks to all of you, and do not forget to share the project ;) !