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The Little Witches Exodus

The illustration book from the Inktober 2017

  • 211% !!!!!!

    Waaaaaaaw.... what an end it was !
    You made me dream, really. The preorders has litteraly burned during the last hour, pushing the total to 423 books... 211%! That's huge, really.
    I do not know what to say if it's not a big "thanks", from the bottom of my heart, for all the support you have given to this little story of little witches ;).
    At the end, the book has clearly gain a lot of pages ! Color pages, and the second story, with the stickers... it's really nice !
    The witches are joining me for this final thanks ! And by my side, i think i got work to do, with new layout, illustrations, scannings, translation... ;)

  • 3H !!!!

    One last news, because time is really running fast now, and we're the last hours of this project!

    Only 9% on the road to 200% ! It's crazy, and i still believe it's possible !
    So gogogogogogogogogogogogogo !!!


  • 24h !!!

    Bam, time is running out, and here we are, at the last 24 hours of the project!

    24h, a last little day to participate, tomorrow at 4pm (GMT+1), we close everything, and we cross our fingers very hard, to be able to reach the 200%!

    Already a big thank you to everyone for your participation, we have exceeded 350 copies, and it's already huge.

    Like yesterday, I leave what will be one of the last image of this campaign, to share a maximum around you:


  • 2 days left !

    The last road is here!

    Only 2 days left before the end of Ulule!
    So it's really now that you have to give everything!

    We are not so far from the goal, and we can reach 200%! You were wonderful yesterday, with almost 20 preorders, thank you very much!

    And if you have not yet participated and you receive this message, it's time! I leave you with this small image, to share, to bring as many people as possible;).

  • 150% !!!! Road to 200% !!

    Hi folks!

    The 150% has been reached this morning!! We are therefore sure to have the color pages in the book!
    So 8 pages of illustrations, and you already have seen two of the big ones. Smaller ones will be added, and why not some additional sketches ...

    And now ... well, we want more!
    The 200%! It will not be easy, because we have little time left, and still 50% to go, but ... it's the end of the project, we must bring back a maximum of people, it's the last chance to raise the crowdfunding to the maximum!
    For motivation, I'll share some illustrations of the second story that could join the book ;).

    And we can see some little witches in this story, too ^^

    And again, thanks for your support !!