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The Little Witches Exodus

The illustration book from the Inktober 2017

  • Little news !

    This news is reserved for project supporters.

  • 211% !!!!!!

    Waaaaaaaw.... what an end it was !
    You made me dream, really. The preorders has litteraly burned during the last hour, pushing the total to 423 books... 211%! That's huge, really.
    I do not know what to say if it's not a big "thanks", from the bottom of my heart, for all the support you have given to this little story of little witches ;).
    At the end, the book has clearly gain a lot of pages ! Color pages, and the second story, with the stickers... it's really nice !
    The witches are joining me for this final thanks ! And by my side, i think i got work to do, with new layout, illustrations, scannings, translation... ;)

  • 3H !!!!

    One last news, because time is really running fast now, and we're the last hours of this project!

    Only 9% on the road to 200% ! It's crazy, and i still believe it's possible !
    So gogogogogogogogogogogogogo !!!


  • 24h !!!

    Bam, time is running out, and here we are, at the last 24 hours of the project!

    24h, a last little day to participate, tomorrow at 4pm (GMT+1), we close everything, and we cross our fingers very hard, to be able to reach the 200%!

    Already a big thank you to everyone for your participation, we have exceeded 350 copies, and it's already huge.

    Like yesterday, I leave what will be one of the last image of this campaign, to share a maximum around you:


  • 2 days left !

    The last road is here!

    Only 2 days left before the end of Ulule!
    So it's really now that you have to give everything!

    We are not so far from the goal, and we can reach 200%! You were wonderful yesterday, with almost 20 preorders, thank you very much!

    And if you have not yet participated and you receive this message, it's time! I leave you with this small image, to share, to bring as many people as possible;).