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Libre OS USB

Your Linux USB key everywhere

About the project

My wish is to propose a bootable USB 3.0 key with a mobile Linux (persistence of data recorded during use) - this 64-bit version in English will evolve over the Ubuntu updates and improvements that I could bring to it.

The key will be able to boot both UEFI / Secure Boot (New Generation) and in Classic mode (Legacy / CSM) while maintaining data persistence.

The personal data in the user's home directory will automatically be encrypted using the Linux kernel and these will be accessible only after entering the user's password. This is to secure its data in case of loss or theft of the key.

It will also be possible to use it in Windows using virtualization software provided free.

This key can be your traveling office a few grams only! Connect to any machine and boot your system from the USB stick, you will have a modern and fast desktop environment, able to connect to the Internet with all common tools! Thanks to the persistence of data your settings and data are kepttoo!

Useful if you have a dysfunctional computer, using this key go to your drives and recover your data easily!

Ideal also to pass the time since a dozen classic and friendly games will be pre-installed, or to work on your documents with preinstalled software!

The system will be based on Xubuntu a derivative of Ubuntu (The most famous Linux in recent years) with the advantage of being lightweight, complete and fast to work everywhere!

Are present on the key among others these softwares:

- Browsers Google Chrome(downloadable) and Firefox preinstalled

- Many Internet tools (Thunderbird, Skype(downloadable), Filezilla, Bittorrent, Pidgin, Teamviewer(downloadable),...)

- Encryption of your home folder with Ecrpytfs (AES-256 encryption)

- Ability to synchronize your data with a cloud service (ownCloud, Dropbox, ...)

- Many classic games (Sudoku, Mahjong, Card games, SuperTux Cart, Chess, ...)

- Full office suite LibreOffice

- Music and Video Player VLC

- Editing and Audio Recording with Audacity

- Photo editing with The GIMP, drawing with Inkscape , Simple Scan to scan your documents and Cheese for the webcam

- CD-Audio and DVD ripping and also burning

- Partitioning tool with GParted

- Product warranty by Libre Expert for 3 years.

I also make the choice of quality with the USB 3.0 support, a key with a manufacturer warranty of five years, the default capacity of it is currently 16GB but nothing prevents to exploit the capabilities of a key to higher volumes, the system can also be installed on an SD card or a portable hard drive.

I have developed the 1.0 version released on the 5th of March 2015 with all the above features and presented in the video(French speaking), it is a complete product, I also need to know the views of future users on their needs in order to provide an even more relevant product.

What are the funds for?

You will receive a copy of the key resulted commissioned by postal mail.

The development has already begun, I need funding to be able to devote more time and make a better quality product being in line with the expectations of future users.

I hope to raise between € 1,300 and € 2,000 that will allow me to invest time in the project.

About the project owner

My name is Patrick Fox I am the creator of the company Libre Expert

This young company specializes in providing solutions based on free software.

Here is the link of the company's website

Here is it's Facebook page

I'm a big user and developer under Linux for the last 16 years.

I wish I could live of that passion.

I also have areas of interest for history, philosophy, spirituality, English, films, vegetarianism, and I forget quite a few ...