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Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité - the movie

Let's talk about collective happiness !

About the project

We need you in order to complete our movie about collective well-being ! Beyond GDP, how could we measure the quality of our societies ? What is impacting a person's happiness as well as the community's well-being he lives in ? How is France doing in well-being statistics ? What are the countries at the top ? Do they live differently there ? Which values are conveyed in their everyday life or at work ? Do they teach their kids differently ?

Those questions were our starters for this project and we want, through it, to better understand our system in France.

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My name is Mélanie. This all started when i first wonder about my own feelings and well-being : « What makes me happy ? » , « How to give meaning to my life ? », « How to find a job that truly satisfies me ? », « Do we ever wonder about fullfilment at some point in our lives? » Through readings, I found out what I truly liked, how to be myself and how to live well with others. I then realized this should be taught at school : Shouldn’t children know their strengths and passion skills ? Shouldn't school help them becoming commited citizens, living in harmony with each other ?

Afterwards, I registered to the online course « The Science of Happiness » from Berkeley University and read further scientific investigations on happiness. My thoughts started to expend to our childhood environment and cultural background. What about countries' happiness ? It seems GDP is not the only factor to impact the living conditions of a nation. I was amazed by France bad ranking in global happiness reports. Why ?

In 2014, I moved to Montreal. Living abroad helped me analyse my French culture and notice some weaknesses. Since Canada is one of the top country in global happiness rankings, I chose to start the movie there.

My readings brought questions which lead to meetings and interviews. I quickly wanted to go to some of these « happy » countries to better understand. I set off to learn from them, film everything and share my experience. The idea of the movie was born.

The movie is connecting different topics with one main interest : Humans !  We wondered first about happiness and scientific findings about it, such as neurosciences. We also study development indicators for countries. We were wondering why we usually focus more on GDP rather than « human » indicators.

What truly matters when it comes to collective well-being  ?? Actually, this is all about the quality of our social relationships. This social link is essential but underestimated. Yet, looking at collective behaviours within a society can show the values fed by the system.

Where do these values come from ? What if education was the starting point ? How does the educational system impact the society we are building ?

We decided to go to the top-ranked countries like Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Canada and the Netherlands without assuming that these are "perfect" countries or that they are not facing issues themselves. We go there to observe, better understand as well as reflect on our French system !