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3300 kms on the roads of France - The Book

About the project

My name is Yoann Olawinski, I am 24 years old and I am a photographer. Last summer, I walked 3300 kilometers around France, with my tent and my camera, in order to create a photo essay about France, without biases or prejudice, but with a unique guide: the road. 

I slept in fields, along rivers, in the mountains, sometimes in gardens or bedrooms where kind people would welcome me. Adventures. Just a (full) bag and a pair of sneakers to walk all around France. 

My goal was to meet France, its territory, its people and their problems, my goal was to travel here, in the country where I grew up. So I decided to walk, to take my time, I walked in order to change my perception of others, and to find excitement in those little details we don't acknowledge.

I learned a lot during this trip. On myself, but on others too. On what matters for me, on what matters for others, on their ways of living. Because you don't have the same problems in Saint-Clément and Saint-Lunaire, it is just different. And I wanted to meet this diversity of situations, with humility. 



Today, I have decided to make a book out of this project, because images live differently on paper, because a book can be offered or you can borrow them from a friend.

After the trip, I have worked on it and here is the result: a 24x28 cms book, with 120 pages and 105 photos.


What are the funds for?

The campaign will allow me to print the first 500 copies of the book.

1. The offer meant to be shared : 20 euros

  • Four postcars printed on a 300g paper to send a picture of France without the clichés, 
  • A 3x12 cms sticker, 
  • Your name in the thank you page !

2. The early bird 35:  euros (Limited offer for the first 50 subscribers)

  • The book ! 
  • Your name in the thank you page !

3. The book : 42 euros

  • The book: 3300 kilometers, 120 pages, 105 photos in a 24x28 cms book,  it's beautiful, it's for you. Thank you ! 
  • Your name in the thank you page !

4. For the walls : 90 euros

  • A signed print, 20x30 cms, chosen among the 6 pictures below, on a fine-art paper 315g from Hannemuhle, 
  • Your name in the thank you page !

5. You take it all: 120 euros

For 120 euros, you have it all (: 

  • A signed 20x30 cms print on Hannemuhle fine-art paper ,
  • The signed book,
  • The postcards
  • The sticker
  • Your name in the thank you page !

Thank you very much ! 


6. For bigger walls: 240 euros

  • A 30x45 cms signed print on fine-art paper from Hannemuhle, chosen among the 12 pictures below, 
  • The signed book !
  • Your name in the thank you page !

7. The walls keep getting bigger: 600 euros

  • A 40x60 cms print on Hannemuhle paper, chosen among the 12 pictures above,
  • The signed book, 
  • Your name in the thank you page !

Thank you so much ! 

8. The sponsor 4000 euros

For 4000 euros, I will put your logo in the book, you'll be mentionned as a sponsor in every exhibition, you will receive 15 books you may offer (or keep) and two signed 60x40 prints. 

The 12 300 euros goal will allow me to print the first 500 copies.

  • If the amount reaches 17 000 euros, the number of pages will increase, from 120 to 150 pages ! 
  • If the amount reaches 20 000 euros, I will upgrade the cover with a different binding

About the project owner

My name is Yoann Olawinski, I am 24 years old. 

After a very common academic education (preparatory classes, business school), I decided to be a unicorn a photographer. 

L'Excursion is my first photo essay.




If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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