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The first figurine of Benjamin Lacombe

Superheroes Don't Like Artichokes

About the project

Superheroes Don't Like Artichokes is an interactive e-book set for release in April 2017! But the project doesn't stop there...
For the first time I have chosen to create a figurine inspired by one of my all-time favorite characters. Up until now I had never created a 3D figurine from any of my drawings! It is this figurine, and the accompanying code, that will give you access to the enriched e-book.
After much consideration, I finally chose Neverlate, a superhero version of Alice's rabbit, and I am super proud to present the real tangible thing to you. I hope you'll like it too!
I see this super-rabbit as a guide that will lead you to my world. The figurine is 12cm tall and will come in a special giftbox with a separate screenprint.

Here is the first figurine I have painted!

Thanks to this little rabbit, you'll be the first to discover my secret superhero world. You'll discover an interactive experience full of surprises, imagined with Sébastien Pérez. We have entirely re-shuffled the premise of the printed book and imagined a completely immersive visual and audio journey.

Together with a team of digital designers, we imagined over 40 interactive screens, quizzes, 3D GIFs,...

We also had fun creating avatars from my drawings. That way, at the start of the book, you can create your very own superhero!

I also worked alongside a musical composer to create a multitude of musical universes that will transport you at least as much as my drawings will! He composed over 30 minutes of original music for the project.

Guided by Phospho, you will not only meet the emblematic superheroes from across the Globe which we created, but you will also discover his personal history, which you will be able to read or listen to: how did he discover he was different? How did he learn to control his superpower? And most of all, how did he learn to accept it?

Throughout the e-book, you will also discover a 6 episode animated short series, of which Phospho is the hero.
I won't reveal any more for now...

For this purpose I collaborated with an animation production company, 2D animators and 3D modeling designers. Together, we brought to life all the characters I created on paper! You are not only going to set out on a journey to discover your inner superhero, you will above all learn how to defend yourselves against artichokes ;)

With this project, I am happy to have expanded the technical limits of the e-book to invite you to lose yourself in my world. But with the Neverlate figurine, I also made a choice to innovate on the e-book's distribution. This will make it the first e-book available in bookstores as under figurine form. Underneath each rabbit there will be a code, which will allow you to download the e-book for free via a dedicated reading app that we will build.

This project represents a very important step for me. It's something I have been wanting to do for a very long time and hope that with your help, we can finally bring it to light.

My dedications for you:

STANDARD (55 € with the e-book, the paper book and the figurine)

PERSONNALISÉE (70€ (with the e-book, the paper book and the figurine)
You will send me a picture of yourself or your pet and I will turn it into a superhero! 

PREMIUM (80€ (with the e-book, the paper book and the figurine)

Extra goodies will be distributed to all contributors if we meet our goal.


For those of you pre-ordering before 5th December, you will receive a Neverlate postcard to place under the tree! 

What are the funds for?

Manufacturing these figurines is going to be a challenge; because it's the first time I am transforming my drawings from 2D into 3D. I need just 500 orders for the figurines to go into production.

Which is why I have decided to offer you, exclusively through Ulule, to pre-order the first 500 figurines, which will also give you access to the e-book. You will therefore be the first ones to be invited to join this interactive adventure that I am so eager to share with you! And the figurines will be delivered to you ahead of the official release in April 2017!

The Neverlate figurine measures 12cm high. It will come in a giftbox with a screenprint of the original Neverlatedrawing. The original painting is also available if one of you would like to purchase it as a means to support the campaign.

The more pre-orders we get for figurines, the better able we will be to get the manufacturer on our side and prepare for the e-book release in the best conditions. I'm keeping lots of surprises in stock for you if we meet our goal!

I am also counting on your support to allow us to build the best dedicated reading app possible! The app for Superheroes Don't Like Artichokes will not only enable you download the interactive e-book for free and dive into my unique superhero adventure, but it will also be a continuation of the whole experience, with mini-games that will showcase the avatars you created. This application will act as a link between the figurine, and the interactive e-book.

About the project owner

The authors:

Benjamin Lacombe is an author, illustrator and fine artist. He is at the forefront of the new French illustration guard. Graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris (ENSAD), he has written and illustrated more than twenty award-winning books, translated into multiple languages. He regularly shows his paintings at art galleries. His latest publications are "Frida" (Albin Michel) and "Alice de l'autre côté du miroir" (Soleil).

His website
His fan page

Sébastien Perez has penned multiple texts for albums. His last publications are "Les Fées de Gotinglay" (Collection Métamorphose/Soleil) and "Frida" (Albin Michel). In 2011, he and Benjamin Lacombe published "L’Herbier des fées" (Albin Michel), a critically-acclaimed, digitally enriched e-book.

His website
His fan page