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Goldfish (Les poissons rouges)

A fiction based on true stories

About the project

« The world explodes all around us... the glaciers melt, the oceans rise, the islands of our dreams will soon be swallowed up, and we still are analphabets of feeling. (...) we are saviour and scuttler of our life, we are wreckers and rescuers. Wreckers because we eat the goods of our children, rescuers because, at the same time, we want them to read books... That’s the difference. « 

Ariane Mnouchkine, extracts of a letter to a friend

« Goldfish » is a 25 minute short film. Born from the desire to carry on the adventure that began during « Les Ephemères » a Theatre du Soleil’s show.

There we told the story of Gaëlle, a 10 year old girl, entrusted by her mother to their friends, Paul and Angèle. While Paul, fisherman, struggles in the nets of a stricken economy, Angèle is expecting their third child. Tossed by life, they will try to stay the course and to take the right decisions.

Inspired by stories and people that we know, this film questions :

How keeping the light, the one of the lighthouse, the one of the children’s room and the one which shines in each one of the characters?

We gathered friends (directors, technicians, actors) their skills and their equipment, and we made this dream come true :

The film exists,it is edited, calibrated and mixed .

But it is now that we need your help.

What are the funds for?

  • We began the distribution of the film, it has been selected to the International Children’s Film Festival,

but we still have :

  • to edit and incrust the subtitles in different versions (English and Spanish to begin with),
  • in order to be able to go on with the promotion and the distribution of the film in festivals.

  • We also need your help to manufacture DVDs and DCP,
  • to finance an « official » screening in Paris,
  • and reimburse the first expenses.

and to reward our contributors!

About the project owner

Dominique et Vincent, the film’s screenwriters, directors and actors. We are actors and have been working together in the Théâtre du Soleil troup for 20 years, in the plays and the films of the company.

Samuel, the film maker. He used to work in the Théâtre du Soleil with us, before  pursueing his carrier as a photographer and a musical film director.

Jean-Jacques Lemêtre, official musician of the Théâtre du Soleil, gave us pleasure in accommpanying our film, where the music is preponderant, with his compositions.