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The Migratory Cooks, an innovative social caterer

A taste of home from refugee chefs

About the project

How about we get rid of the usual rethoric that reduce refugees to victims, statistics and figures or even worse to a threat? They are our neighbours, people like you and me with a past, a family and dreams, who are now struggling to rebuild their futures in the wake of tragic experiences. They bring with them skills and know-how that must be valued, including cuisines and new tastes to be discovered.

The Migratory Cooks currently have a team of 6 cooks. All refugees. From different countries: Syria, Ethiopia, India, Iran and Chechenia. From different cultures, social backgrounds and religions. They work together and go out of the kitchen backrooms to share the cuisine and tastes of their countries.

We have already gathered more than 100 original recipes to bring authenticity and diversity to the French culinary scene: muammarah (Syrian red pepper caviar), fesenjan (Iranian chicken stew with walnuts and pomegranate), hingalsh (Chechen sweet pancake with squash and thyme), … Enough to make even the most hard to please customers' mouths water!

In fact, more than 8000 people actually tried our food during cocktails and catering events, at our street food cart this summer or during our pop-up brunches and diners in partner restaurants. We also co-organized the very first Refugee Food Festival in Paris in June, which was sold out within days.

More than twenty national and international media outlets have written about us, from French magazine Paris Match to the New York Times :) And many firms have already trusted us for their events.

What are the funds for?

To go further! At the moment we go from shared kitchen to shared kitchen, we deliver using our personal car (quite a small one) and store our kitchen tools and ingredients in our parents' basements...

Thanks to you, we can become more professional and efficient and thus offer long-term contracts to our refugee chefs. Together, we can succeed in changing the narratives on the migratory crisis by bringing new colors and tastes to the culinary scene. 

All donations count, even the smallest! Contributing is not just about giving money, it's also about showing us that you are with us in this human adventure. So feel free to share this page :)

About the project owner

The Migratory Cooks is now a team of 6 amazing cooks and 2 founders. This social and solidary business was born in February 2016 thanks to Sébastien and Louis' shared interests in cuisine and travel, and their common goal of offering stability and a better social integration to their cooks.

Now, meet the team:


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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