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Les Commandos Percu

New album released after 25 years of shows

About the project


We are currently working on a new creation which will be the last chapter of a triptych started in 2017 with "Silence !" followed by "Mineurs" in 2018. With these shows we have created a whole new universe within our musical adventure. A universe where chaos, time, gears, elements, savagery and rebirth are all about.

Silence ! - Fest'art 2017 - Libourne - (c) V.Balège


This new ambum was produced around this singular identity. In our work we always wonder of the meaning to give to a living show made of flesh and sweat. Discographic support is for us a very different way of addressing to the public but completely complementary to our shows. We wanted this eponymous album as raw and sincere that people who know us in live will find the atmosphere of our concerts and so that people who don't know us yet can discover the fire that animates us.

Mineurs - Grenade sur Garonne 2018 - (c) C. Audiau


As in many cultures, our music is a langage. We are in a process of sound exploration all the time and we make our instruments. Drum heads stretched over harnesses and casks, titanium gongs, big drum two meters in diameter, bass struck with 2 strings ... The Commandos Percu's instrumentarium divert materials and enriches itself through the creations. If it's necessary to invent a folklore, it is also important for us to explore many styles. So we can speak about tribal, indus and metal music.

Playlist of EP "Silence !" :


The album will be available in 3 formats : CD, vinyl and digital.

About rewards, you can find the classics “goodies” : stickers, badges, posters, coasters in limited editions. But also tote bags, T-shirts, sweatshirts and ProOrca drumsticks signature Les Commandos Percu.

And finally special rewards : masterclass, support on a tour date in France or abroad, participation in one of our shows and private gig.

We look forward to sharing all of this with you and we thank you already for your participation.

What are the funds for?

This album writing follows the work that started on the EP "Silence !", released in May 2019. The album was recorded in Big Drum Studio between October and December 2019. The production is a total self-production. Therefore, this Ulule campaign will help us to support the costs about the physical manufacture of the album (artwork, pressing, edition ...) and will also allow us to develop our communication needs.

The Ulule campaign can allow us to finance the costs related to pressing and communication, wether 10% of the overall budget.

About the project owner

Rhythm, motion, fire.

Since 25 years, we have been traveling festivals around the world with our truly unique percussions and our know-how very particular in matters of fireworks.

The fusion between the musical element and fire is the main driver of this dynamic. She invents a language that is both new and ancestral, which has the property of crossing all cultures and genres. To this duality is added a third engine, mobility, or the art of surprise, which leads us towards ever more daring and original staging.

We play everywhere ; in the sphere of street arts but also in music festivals and regularly in events.

Thanks to our partners and supports : HH Producties - ProOrca Drumsticks - Code Drum Heads - Buddy Drum Shop - Rythmes & Sons - Mairie de Toulouse

Silence ! - Sziget Festival 2019 - Budapest - (c) Sziget Official

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