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Support the webcomic: Tinkers of the wasteland

You can participate to an amazing publishing and human adventure mixing cultures from all over the world

About the project

HOLA!, Raúl Treviño here.

I'm a writer and comic book artist. I'm from Mexico and I've been publishing my web-comic called TINKERS of the Wasteland since January 2010 in Spanish and English. It has also recently been translated to French.

Tinkers Logo

The story is located in a post-apocalyptic world following the adventures of Splitter, Milla and Chapi as they try to keep breathing in this devastated world teeming with everything from hostile mutants to blood-crazed hot-rod gangs to radioactive hazards and to crazy characters who appear along the story.
It's full of action, adventure, comedy and surprises.

Tinkers Poster

What are the funds for?

I am still updating my web-comic weekly.

I have been working on this project all this time for free. I haven't received any money for this but it's something that it doesn't bother me at all since it is giving me a lot of satisfaction, on-line presence and projection. However, there is so much stories to tell about these guys and in order to make my living and doing what I love I would like to find a way to get some income.

Right now is supporting me to publish my comic on-line in France, Marie Renier and Nicolas Forsans are translating and editing this version in French.

The main reason why I'm here on Ulule is to try to get your support to color the first arc of the story that is made of more than 250 comic pages and in order to be published I would like to make my comic full color. 

Tinkers Page

The amount of money raised will be used as follow :

  • The collected amount will be used for the coloring process.
  • 8 % will be sent to Ulule.
  • 200 euros will be required to finance the shipping costs attached to this crowdfunding campagn and also to pay the goodies we will sent to the contributors.
  • If the total amountis not reached,you will get yourmoney back.

Perhaps you believe in this project but may not be able to help me fund it?

No worries! Help me by spread the word about this Ulule proposal project! The more the merrier!  

Thank you so much for your time and support! See you at the finish line!

Tinkers running

    About the project owner

    I'm Raúl Treviño 34 years old, born in México.

    I am a writer, illustrator, as well a pro-colorist for major comic companies like Marvel, DC and I publish a trilogy called The Dance of the Conquest by Norma Editorial. I have been working in the sequential art industry for more than 10 years.

    If you want to know more about the artist, check on his website :