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Preserving the know-how of our local craftsmen

A new knitting machine for our workshop

About the project


We are L’Envers, a knitting brand which defends the idea of a timeless, slow, respectful and sensible fashion.

Through each garment, we tell the story of the craftsman who knitted it. We highlight behind the scenes, we open the curtain to introduce each of our partners, every step of the way from creation to production.

Everything started end 2015 with two pieces. At the opposite of the rhythm of regular and seasonal launches with a limited lifespan, at the antipodes of a fashion quickly produced, quickly consumed, quickly forgotten, our collection grows slowly. Each piece is individually numbered and knitted in limited edition with 100% natural wool coming from our French and Spanish yarns.

Very soon we shall be launching our first organic cotton collection, 100% traceable, that respects our social and environmental charter. Before knitting these new pieces, we first want to finance the purchase of a new buttonhole machine and replace the one which was bought second-hand by our workshop 30 years ago. Our approach is born from a desire to uphold their know-how and help them continuously improve the quality of their work ! 



Our knitting workshops are located in Spain, where my family and I have been living for a few years. In the country that saw the birth of the merino sheep, the know-how of wool goes back a long way.

Our main workshop is located in Béjar, a historic city in the story of Spanish textile industry since the 13th century. Béjar competed with the largest foreign textile factories! But the late arrival of the railway and the relocation of the fashion industry in Asia gradually dismantled this precious industry.

Today, only our workshop remains. We wanted to give a voice to these local craftsmen specialized in knitwear.

The Sanchez family has been working in the clothing industry since 1940. Marcelina and Casimiro founded the workshop in 1988, after having worked for ten years in Castres (France), a city renowned for its textile know-how. Their son Miguel Angel is the second generation to work in the family workshop, and very much hopes he won’t be the last!

Today four people work in the workshop: Marcelina and Casimiro, the parents, always present, Miguel Angel and his wife Rosa. They are planning to hire a fifth person this year.

Since the launch of L'Envers, we have built an authentic relationship of mutual trust and proximity. Our desire is to continue to grow by their side, to help them equip themselves with more powerful tools today in order to preserve their ancestral know-how for tomorrow ... and many more generations to come!


3.      OUR VALUES




Take part in this beautiful project and be the first to receive these exclusives pieces :

  • CLAUDE cardigan
  • ANNA cardigan
  • GABY cardigan


CLAUDE is a unisex cardigan, knitted by our workshop in Béjar, made with 100% Spanish merinos wool. It comes in the natural color of undyed wool (off-white), an exclusive color for this campain.

Available in S/M, M/L, and L/XL (size guide here).

This cardigan is also available in others colors, to be discovered here



We'll be launching our first cotton collection mid-April, made of 100% organic, fair trade, undyed cotton. 

Discover in preview the ANNA cardigan, also knitted by our workshop in Béjar. It comes in the natural color of cotton (which is off-white).

ANNA is a short, light and timeless cardigan.

Available in S/M, M/L, and L/XL (don't hesitate to ask us for size advice).



Discover in preview GABY cardigan, also knitted by our workshop in Béjar. It comes in the natural color of cotton (which is off-white).

GABY is a key piece of our collection, and up until now, was only in alpaca. In Spring, we'll be making it available in organic cotton. GABY is a light and feminine cardigan. A truly versatile piece to wear front-on or backwards.

Available in S/M, M/L, and L/XL (size guide here).

This cardigan is also available in others colors, to be discovered here



What are the funds for?


The funding will be used to purchase a new buttonhole machine for our workshop. The current machine dates from the 1960s and is no longer very efficient, in addition to breaking down regularly. Marcelina told us that having a new machine would make her job easier, not only by saving her time, but also by improving the finishing of knitted pieces.
This new machine is an investment that will allow the workshop to gain productivity and continue to better serve customers.

If we reach 200%, we enlarge our team to contribute to the development of the brand! New pieces, new materials, always L'Envers quality.




To support us is ...

  • to help maintain a local expertise
  • to preserve a high-quality artisanal fashion made slowly and with love
  • to support a family workshop that struggles to uphold knitting traditions
  • also to make you happy with lovely rewards




For the photo print, you have a choice of three visual options. All are from our photo campaign archives and will be individually numbered.

About the project owner


It’s the desire to perpetuate a family legacy of the French Northern textile industry, and a realisation of the flaws of today’s fashion industry that are at the heart of the creation of L’Envers in 2015. For me, it’s a childhood story, a wish to awaken a lost sentimental heritage that I am bringing back to life thanks to the know-how of independent workshops located in Spain where I have lived for 7 years now.

Our creations are intended for men and women inspired by the stories of artisanal production, of slow and respectful fashion, lovers of beautiful pieces knitted with care, love, patience and who want to discover the hidden hands behind the confection of their clothes.


To my great great great grand-father, Jean-Baptiste DEVAUX, who founded a yarn mill in St-Amand-les-Eaux (Northern France) back in 1850.

To my team Albane, Laetitia, and friends Joanna, Estelle and Marjolaine for their precious advice, to Belén for the stunning video, and to my family, Augustin, Séraphine, Charlotte, Félix.

And of course to our beloved artisans Marcelina, Miguel and Casimiro without whom L’Envers would not exist!

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