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Le Kolaj 2010-2016

An art book

About the project

Welcome to the “Le Kolaj 2010-2016” art book project, a continuation of the exhibition organised in Paris in September 2016

The project

I’m a 31 year old French collage artist, currently pursuing art studies at the University of Brighton. I started making collages in my twenties, and exhibited them last year for the first time. I did everything myself in my Parisian apartment, from the framing to the curating and the communication of the event. I absolutely loved doing it, which gave me new ideas.

Upon completing the show, I wanted to continue the show by putting together my favourite collages in a book. The positive reactions I got from the exhibition gave me the confidence to carry on with the project.

Why make a book?

I’d like to make a book on the "LE KOLAJ 2010-2016" show. The exhibition itself lasted 3 days, and sold out in 2! For this reason, I had to take down work and hang new one. So the collages of the exhibition were never all shown at once! Making this book would be the perfect occasion to reunite my work in a single object.

What will the book look like?

The book will be a 100 pages long. I’ve selected 40 collages for the book, all of which were displayed in the show. The structure of the book reprises the layout of the exhibition.

The book’s format is 18 x 24 cm. Here are some images to give you an idea of what the book will look like:

Why not leave this job to a publisher?

Because I want the explore the many aspects of artistic production, from creating images and exhibiting to publishing them. This book continues my work as an artist, a logical outcome for work made of paper.

The book is almost done, I only need a little help to make it happen. This is where you come in. Whether you already know my work or have only discovered it recently, this is your opportunity to be a part of a project that I really care about.

What are the benefits for the contributors?

Depending on your participation, many rewards await: fine art prints, newly made collages, posters, postcards… and of course the book itself! Purchasing the book here is cheaper here (€25 vs €29), and so are other rewards. For example you’ll be able to acquire a collage here for €250, instead of the usual €400. A limited signed edition of the book can also be found here.

What do I need to make this book?

The book is already on sale here. The goal is to raise €15 000, with a minimum objective of €10 000. Once this first objective has been reached, I hope the fundraising will go on and that the amount collected will enable me to print the book and put out in the world.

If the minimum objective isn’t reached, nothing will be collected and the project will be cancelled, which would a bummer considering all the positive energy already invested in it! Once the €10 000 objective has been achieved, the crowdfunding campaign will go on until enough funds have been collected to carry out the project in the best possible way.

To put it in a nutshell: the campaign goes on once the first goal has been reached. The greater the amount collected, the greater the number of books published in the end.

When will the book be published?

At the end of November 2017, with a launch party in a Parisian venue that has yet to be found.

Which images can you choose from for reward 7?

You'll be able to choose your fine art print from the following images:

What are the collages for reward 9 ?

You'll be able to choose from the following collages:

Swiss Museum, collage on paper, 2014

Louis 14, collage on paper, 2015

Diptyque 2, collage on notebook cover, 2014

En version restaurée, collage on paper, 2013

L'étoile du Nord, collage on paper, 2012

L'Affaire Cortazar, collage on paper, 2012

La muerte nos iguala, collage on paper, 2012

Constancia de Pago, collage on paper, 2012

Otra historia de amor, collage on paper, 2012

Please spread the word as much as you can amongst your friends and family! If this campaign succeeds, the book is sure to to be published!

What are the funds for?

What will the funding be for?

A total of €12 000 is needed to make this book:

- Printing: €9 000

- Rewards: €1000

- Book design: € 1000

- Communications: € 400

- Management fees: € 600

Shipping fees and the crowdfunding platform fee (8% of the final amount)

About the project owner

As mentionned above, I'm a French collage artist. Bettler let the work speak for itself:

- the blog that started it all: www.lekolaj.tumblr.com

- photos of the Le Kolaj 2010-2016 expo: https://www.facebook.com/LeKolajArt/posts/975069132616384

- an interview for Profondeur de Champs (in French): http://profondeurdechamps.com/2013/10/13/le-kolaj-le-collage-est-un-art-pour-notre-temps/

- an article in Balthazare Magazine (in French): http://balthazare-magazine.com/lart-du-collage-est-de-retour-rencontre-avec-le-kolaj/

- the To Whom It May Concern show at the Bass and Reiner in San Francisco in May 2015, of which I was a part:    http://www.bassandreiner.com/twimc/

- an article in Lupa (en español): http://ninaplus.wixsite.com/lupa/fragmentacion-revelacion

The team

Virgile Demoustier: artist and publisher in the making, I had a great time making this book and this crowdfunding campaign (ok, I had a hard time too but it's worth it!)

Zelda Mauger: a talented graphic designer and a long time friend, Zelda encouraged me to make art from the very start, a long long time ago in Buenos Aires. Making this book with her is a logical continuation of our artistic adventure.

Cléophée Demoustier: a skillful photographer and film maker, Cleo took the photos of the collages that wouldn't fit in a scanning machine.