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Meet foreign people nearby

About the project

Thanks to Sarra for the translation into english :)

> Practice a foreign language 
> Share your international experiences 
> Prepare your future trips 
> Meet internationals and local people 

Leeve is a 100% free app that allows you to meet people that already speak as their mothers tong the language that you are willing to speak, or who already speak the language that you would like to learn. By supporting our company, you will allow us to develop the final version of our app and extend in France and all over the world. Supporting LEEVE, is to bet on our crazy challenge. The challenge to create in two years tops a community of thousands of Leevers all over the world.

Our Aim ? 

BeLEEVE in the human race beyond our languages, our nationalities, our cultures, our differences.                                                                                 

Explore the LEEVE map, and discover
all the people nearby that have as their
mother’s tong the languages your are
willing to learn or practice !

Discover the user’s profiles, their
centers of interest, the countries
they’ve visited, the languages they speak
or learn and their language level.

Send a LEEVE ( a chat request ) to the person you’re interested in. Once the LEEVE is accepted, begin to get to know each other. The goal is to make you meet
those people in real life.

Attend the LEEVE events and our partners events too.
Create your own LEEVE event, no matter where you
are in the world. The features will be developed
in mai 2018 if this campaign is successful. 

Our goal is to restore confidence in meeting others beyond their differences. That’s why we would like to offer our community a lot of opportunities to meet and practice new languages but also to have a better understanding of our world.

  • The language dating : One to three times a month we organize a language dating in a bar in the City of Rennes. On one side the French people, on the other side the foreigners, with an average of 40 participants.

  • Ambassador events : in May, if the results of the campaign allow us, a new feature will allow each Leever to create his own event in his city.
  • The Partner’s events : We invite our community to participate to our partners events : After Work, information meetings, cultural debate, tourist excursion…

At LEEVE we develop a large network of partners. The goal is to contribute to create a social link between our community and the local actors with an international dimension, a cultural and a touristic one, also helping people to integrate. Which will allow our partners to shine through our app for free. 

We work together to organize and promote events to allow people to live more and more original experiences close to their home : debate on international news, european meetings, youth forums, heritage visits … So many opportunities to meet new people, in order to understand our environment challenges while practicing a new langage. 

We are proud to count among our partners : La maison internationale de Rennes, la maison de l’Europe, Le centre culturel chinois … And many others that will join us soon.

As recent graduate or student, we are passionate about volunteering to meeting young people in schools ans universities. For students? This is the opportunity to learn more about the creation of a start-up and make them want to undertake in their turn. For us ? This is an opportunity to introduce LEEVE and meet our community. We already did 10 interventions in different schools and universities !

The question comes up most often when we talk about LEEVE !
How are you going to live from LEEVE?

> Premium features in order to make the LEEVE experience better 
> The participation of the LEEVE community in each event 
> The creation of a LEEVE business offer for the companies
> Affiliation procedures for some of our clients
> Intense interest of inverters for a fundraising campaign 

Today, our desire is to focus on the development of our community and to offer each person the best experience. This is our number one priority. Because we are convinced that it is our community that will quickly show us the way to follow.

We have lots of projects in mind, and our dreams are a little crazy too. By with your contribution and the
one of your loved ones, this campaign could be a real success. You will give us all the
means to realize them. So thanks to everyone for your help and Beleeve !

What are the funds for?

The Leeve event features.
Once developed, this feature will display all the organized events by the LEEVE team (language dating etc) and will allow each user to register and chat with all the people. This feature will also highlight the events of our partners which is displayed depend on the interests ans location of the user. 

Event and community 

Organisation of events in the great west. The success of our language dating organized in Rennes can only give us the desire to export the concept beyond the result of this campaign will offer us the opportunity to extend the concept and find new local partners to organize more and more and expend our community. 

Supply to businesses : Leeve business
The Leeve business will offer to the member compagnies a unique visibility via our app : a geolocation on our map, a company profile and a referencing of their events. Want to know more? To discover to the LEEVE business, please go yo our presentation document. You are a company and you want to bet on LEEVE ? We offer you a counterpart in exchange for your contribution to this campaign : a six and twelve month  subscription starting September 2018 with a special price, our team is at your disposal ! 

Communication : 
Creation of a blog which animation will be at the hand of the team but also and especially of our community. A blog about languages, international, travel, culture and about LEEVE of course. Realization of several communication actions in France. Buying space in the press, buying space online and travelling to Paris so that you can hear us and read us in the media you know. 

Communication is essential when you want to share a big project and give your self the means to expand a community !

The LEEVE events feature. We would like to offer to our members the opportunity to create their own events regardless of the city where they are located in the world. The members will be able ro choose between several types of events, framed by practical rules. Always the same goal : meeting international people close to your home and practicing new languages.

Organizing a road show across France in September 2018. This road show is a pretty crazy challenge but we are ready for it. It is a unique opportunity to meet you in the largest cities of France and expand our community even further. Tourism fair, students, entrepreneurs, start-up contest to take off our reputation and sometimes even with investments participation in this type of fair is even more expensive. By raising this amount of money it will be possible for us to participate in more than 23 big events that will help us to develop LEEVE.

Realization of a communication campaign in Paris = more than 60 000 foreign students.

Events and community :
Organize a Road Show all around France, starting off in September 2018 for a month. LEEVE Road show is a crazy project. It’s an unique opportunity to meet all of our community and future users to growth the Leevers community! 

A permanent contract for our Business developper ! A must-have in the day-to-day life of a start-up, it will contribute to the development of LEEVE's long-term vision, will be on standby on all development opportunities in France and internationally, will animate the relationship with our partners and the business customers of LEEVE Business!

About the project owner

A big thanks to Miguel, Sarra, Romane and Julien for their valuable support

You can share this campaign around you, send it by email to your friends or post it on your social networks. If five of your relatives contribute up to ten euros, the result of this campaign explodes.

Thanks & BeLEEVE