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Live Escape Game and game experimentation laboratory in the heart of Toulouse.

About the project

Welcome to the crowdfunding campaign page of l'Échappatoire.
L'Échappatoire, a new place in Toulouse (France) dedicated to games and cultural creation, will be a door toward thrilling and immersive stories.


Live Escape Games are a new experience. It’s an easy concept : a group of 3 to 6 people is brought in an enclosed game space. They have a mystery to unravel and one hour to search, get to the bottom of the story, solve puzzles and get out before the end of the countdown.
For this activity, team members will have to show off all their observation, search and logical thinking abilities as well as cooperate between each other.

This variation of live action roleplaying games started in Asia in the late 2000s and is now blooming in France. Widely accessible and enjoyable as well as supplying a real intellectual challenge, it’s the perfect entertainment for all : from casual players to hardened investigators.


Our aim is to develop complex, coherent and evolving games. Our productions take place in our own uchronian universe.
In 2009, the company Ecoplasma reveals the existence of the Psi particle to the world, as well as some of its industrial applications, serving to save Earth from an ecologic disaster. By studying this element, most of the beings and events only accounted for surnatural up until then can finally be explained rationally.

In the span of a few years, Ecoplasma becomes a global reference for a new science field called spirits hyperphysics : the study of Psi-based beings and materials. The company expands its activity (high capacity self-sufficient batteries, detectors, intervention squads...) and the hype about its products and activities gets stronger and stronger.

Meanwhile, despite its overall success, Ecoplasma doesn’t reach global approval. Voices rise against its methods, accusing it of exploiting living species and playing with dangerous and unknown forces. In religious communities and for the whistleblowers too, concerns do not subside.


With your partners, Ecoplasma sends you on an intervention mission. A simple, common task, just perfect to get started. IGOR is already there with all the needed gear, really, what could possibly go wrong ?

(work in progress)

----- WHAT DO WE WANT TO DO -----

By using means and accessories of our own design, we wish to give life to a colorful playing environment where you’ll meet atypical characters while going through an adventure, the ending of which depends on you.

We are also working on a second Live Escape Game in the Ecoplasma universe where we shall address completely different aspects. In the long run, we intend to use other mediums as well (comics, board games, video games…) for other adventures.

----- STRETCH GOALS -----

----- REWARDS -----

What are the funds for?

L’Échappatoire is a life project. This artistic and entrepreneurial adventure started a little over two years ago. This crowdfunding campaign launch is the consequence of a long work, alternating search and conceptualization phases, game design, professional meetings, festivals, discussions, creation of the universe and debates about its perspectives.

In order to give you an experience that is up to our standards, we wish to conceive Ecoplasma’s intervention gear for the treatment of hyperphysical phenomenons on the field, and put it at your disposal for the game.
This amounts to roughly 2400€. The remaining part will cover this campaign cost.

We’re hoping that with your support and your generosity, this adventure will begin with the best possible auspices.
As seen above, our first goal will allow us to make Ecoplasma's intervention gear come to life.
With our stretch goals, we intend to improve it and explore new possibilities :
- top level artistic direction
- more technical feats

----- SHIPPING FEES -----

Your rewards will remain in Toulouse, without time limit, ready for you to collect when you come to l'Échappatoire.
If you’d rather get your rewards directly at home, here are the detailed shipping fees you’ll have to add to your pledge.

About the project owner

In Game We Trust started as an associative publishing house in 2013. Founded in Angoulême following the hosting of live action role playing games and the creation of game prototypes, this game experimentation laboratory is now located in Toulouse.
We already organized a successful crowdfunding campaign on Ulule for the publication of JAM, our first board game.

The association has just been transformed into a worker cooperative (SCOP), the purpose of which is to help us roll out our projects, develop our collaborative vision of work and combine our artistic approach and professional ambitions.

The laboratory website

For now, our team includes four people : Baptiste, Batiste, Eléonore and Ugo.

In our view, games are an art in itself. By using multiple mediums, we can make it available to a wider audience. This was one of our primary reasons for starting this adventure.

In the vein of Olydri Editions (Noob…), Ankama (Dofus, Wakfu...) or Lexis Numérique (In Memoriam, Alt-Minds…), our ambition is to create transmedia projects, such as Ecoplasma, but also other original universes that we’re currently nurturing behind closed doors.

Somewhere between sport games, ARG, live action role playing games, movies, theater and performance, we’re still pursuing the artistic concerns that moved us before becoming professionals.


IGN - Live Action Infection Game : serie of role playing scenarios unfolded pervasively Angoulême.
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JAM -The Roller Derby Gard Game : vibrant simulation of the sport, played in real time
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Komodo : Investigating live action game for middle school students.

To Proxima : Live escape game designed for 60 people.
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