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The Foggaras Treasure

Ethonological documentary about an old-age irrigation system in the Sahara.

About the project

Le Trésor des Foggaras

An ethnological documentary by Farid DMS DEBAH.


Faced with industrial advances, the Foggaras system seems a little archaic. Nonetheless, it remains the most reliable way to allow the running and transportation of the most essential element in life: water. Thanks to this ancestral process, the habitants of Ksour have been able to survive in the hostile environment that is the Sahara.

Discover the photos of the documentary's location.
(photos : Farid DMS DEBAH).

Jardin de la Foggara de Hanou (la plus ancienne de la région d’Adrar).
Hanou Foggara Garden
(the oldest in the region of Adrar)

Les palmiers estompent les agressions du soleil, permettant aux plantations de s'épanouir.

Thanks to the Foggaras water supply system, the plantation owners can hope for a decent harvest.


L&squot;eau des Foggaras arrive avant répartition dans les jardins (la répartition d&squot;eau en "peigne" est appelée kesria).
The water from the Foggaras comes before it's shared in the gardens


Répartition de l'eau, finement calculée pour chaque propriétaire de jardin.
The sharing of the water, calculated for each garden owner.


Une femme lavant son linge directement dans l'eau de la Foggara, avant répartition.
A woman washing her clothes directly in the Foggara water.


Après les inondations du 27 janvier 2009 à Aoulef, plus de 1755 habitations se sont effondrées. A présent, des centaines de familles vivent sous des tentes.
After the floods in January 2009 at Aoulef, more than 1755 homes were destroyed. Now, some families live in tents.


Vu générale d'un ksar, avec ses constructions typique en argile.
View of a ksar, with its typical constructions in clay


Mosquée d'Adrar
Adrar Mosque


Abesse, le fils de Dada Mhamed Ben Ahmed, le responsable de l'école coranique de la ville d'Aoulef.
Abesse, the son of the headmaster of the oldest school in the village


Les rondins de palmiers servent, entre autre, à la fabrication d'habitations.
The palm logs are used to make the houses


Hamadi Ahmed El Hadj, propriétaire de Foggara et spécialiste de la question.
Hamadi Ahmed El Hadj, owner of and specialist in the Foggara


Monsieur Bani Abd Allah a creusé, avec 19 autres personnes de son ksar, la dernière Foggara d'Algérie. C'était en juin 1987.
Monsieur Bani Abd Allah dug, with 19 others in his ksar, the last Algerian Foggara in June 1987.


Paysan travaillant dans son jardin.
Farmer working in his garden




I have already been on location in January 2009 to lead an investigation about the emergence of irrigation systems in the Algerian desert in the region of Adrar. This age-old and undervalued system is the only means of survival for some farmers.

Upon my return to Paris, I tried to find funding to finish my documentary. I thought I'd be able to return to the Sahara desert with a team and filming equipment soon enough, but after several months of fruitless research and trusty partners, I've put my project on a hold.

Today, I hope to be able to prolong this magnificent adventure thanks to you!

What are the funds for?

I invested 10,000 euros in the project which corresponds with 50% of the total cost of the documentary.

The funding will be used to pay for:

  • Renting the film equipment (camera + machinerie + sound + lighting),
  • Transport for the team and supplies (Paris/Algeria - Algeria/Paris),
  • Meals and lodging for the team
  • Filming insurance
  • Postproduction costs (image editing + sound editing),
  • DVD printing costs
  • Development and enlargement of photos and purchase of frames
  • Various unforseen expenses



About the project owner


At the age of 20, by means of DMS Productions, I created my first "real" film entitled Venin Mortel" with Elodie Navarre. The story immersed us in the descent to the underworld of a drug addict. The film was successful in numerous festivals, and I decided to write my first full length film, "Nocent".


At the age of 24, he decided to concentrate enritely on his real passion/ cinema. He became lauréat Beaumarchais of the best script in 2002 for his film"Le Génie de la Théière".




For many years, Farid has worked in the creation of a cinema centre in Algeria. Now he would really like to create a link between Europe and the Maghreb, and thus contribute to sharing the experience in the world of arts.




  • ART'N ACTE PRODUCTION (short in 35mm)



  • LE BOURREAU DES INNOCENTS (Preview - Film en 35mm)



  • MOBILIS (advert in 35mm)









If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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