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Nabaztag is BackBack

The 2020 production batch of the TagTagTag board

About the project

This project has been suspended by the Covid-19. If you want to get updates about the project, subscribe to the newsletter.


So I guess that if you've found this page, you surely know what this is about, but i'll refresh your memory just in case.

In november 2018, a part of the original design team at Violet, led by Olivier Mével (the mother of Nabaztag) decided that they will resurrect Nabaztag for Maker Faire Paris.  A new board (a Raspberry Hat) to control the hardware was designed and Paul Guyot (Violet's CTO) re-wrote part of the services in Python and voilà ! Nabaztag was alive at Maker Faire Paris 2018. The (worldwide) success of this initiatitve convinced us to design a kit to save all the rabbits. Yes. All. We worked a couple of months (way way more than expected) , launch a first crowdfunding campaign, worked again and finally in january 2020, with 3 months of delay, everyone got their boards and kits to resurrect their Nabaztag or Nabaztag:tag and a lot of people registered on the waiting list.

We decided to launch a new campaign, to finance a new batch of production of the TagTagTag board.

If you don't know the project in detail, I suggest you read the initial campaign page that I copy/paste below, then go see the tutorials and if you have questions, go to the forum where you'll meet a lot of great people with a lot of answers (most of the posts are in french, but don't be shy, we do speak english in France).

Compared to what we promised on the first campaign, we've added two features : the support for RFID (The Violet Ztamp:s if you prefer) and Nabblockly, created by Paul for a programming course for elementary school kids. It's fantastic.



Below is the page of the first campaign


For our non-french speaking friends, here's a very quick description of what this is about.

So you know who Nabaztag is, right ? The first wifi-connected bunny. Born in 2005, it became a worldwide success with crazy people and Opera.

Crazy people with a rabbit

NabazMob the Worldwide Opera

In november 2018, a part of the original design team at Violet, led by Olivier Mével (the mother of Nabaztag) decided that they will resurrect Nabaztag for Maker Faire Paris. The goal was also to free it from the cloud, a cloud that causes so much suffering in the rabbits lives.

Maker Faire 2018 (Picture by Quentin Chevrier)

Original Nabaztag / New one with the kit

A new board (a Raspberry Hat) to control the hardware was designed and Paul Guyot (Violet's CTO, now CEO of Semiocast) re-wrote part of the services in Python and voilà ! Nabazta was alive at Maker Faire Paris 2018. The enthusiasm and the energy of everyone seeing the Nabaztag alive convinced us to produce more boards to save all the rabbits. That's our (corporate) vision. 

So to achieve that, we worked during a few months (on our leisure time) and after a couple of prototypes we decided it was time to launch the production (so that we can go on vacations during the manufacturing). 

That's why we're here. To know how much we need to manufacture those bunny life saving boards.


This is the TagTagTag  kit

Installation of the kit is made in two steps :

  • Flash the image on the SD card (you know how to do this, right ?)
  • Install the new board in the rabbit. Here's a quick video (in french but subtitled).


Once this is done, you need to enter your Wifi credentials and you can begin setting up the services with a browser.

As of today, here are the services available (you need to check the repository for language support) :

  • Weather
  • Surprise
  • Clock
  • Taï-chi
  • Guru (never released service !)
  • Ear communication
  • Local speech recognition

We guess more services will be available, code is open source !


TagTagTag is what is called in the Raspberry Pi word a "hat". Here are the main components (Schematics are here) :

In termes of software, everything is in Python and available here.


What are the funds for?

The funds will be used to pay for a second batch of production (a.k.a the 2020 batch) of the TagTagTag board.

For those who have read everything very carefully, you'll have noticed a 5 € price increase. This is due to two things : we've added an amplifier at the last minute in august 2019 and the increase of the wiring price due to the way LEDs are delivered (in bulk, not in reels). Voilà ! You know everything.

Regarding the delay : this is an estimate based on what the (French) manufacturer gave us. It may vary. For example, for the first batch, we had 3 months delay, first because we were late, second because when we were ready, we had to wait for the raspberry Pi Zero WH (life is unfair). But at the end everybody got their kit or their board and a lot of rabbits were saved.

Four options :

  • Nabaztag embroidery kit by Britney Pompadour: well, it's a kit that will be delivered before the other rewards so that you can patiently wait
  • TagTagTag board alone: this is the custom board (made In France), it interfaces with the motors and has the LEDS, microphones, audio codec and a socket for the Raspberry Pi Zero WH. This is the option for people who owns already a Raspberry Pi and a micro SD card (or want to buy them cheaper elesewhere).
  • TagTagTag kit: in this kit you'll find the TagTagTag board, a Raspberry Pi Zero WH, a 16GB microSD card and a funny screwdriver. All in one.
  • A ressurected Nabaztag: this is for people who don't have a rabbit and don't have time to find one (and can afford this luxury).

Please not that this is a DIY product supported by volunteers.

About the project owner

We're still the same team but now we have a lot of great people helping us writing code, debug or answer questions in the forum. That's great. Thanks a lot to them!


This project has been initiated by Olivier Mével, co-founder of Enero and mother of Nabaztag.

With :

  • Paul Guyot
  • Marc Chareyron
  • Hugo Balette-Pape
  • Sylvie Chanchus
  • Jean-François Kitten
  • Jean-Jacques Birgé
  • Antoine Schmitt
  • Maylis Puyfaucher
  • Pierre-Rudolph Gerlach
  • And Maker Faire Paris !

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