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Nabaztag is back

Ressurect the first internet-connected bunny !

How are you guys doing?

Hello there!

I know that we were supposed to ship everything in october (2019) and that we're already in december (the 5th exactly).

Here's a little slide that sums up the situation :

Basically, it's not going to be possible to ship the kits (with the rPi Zero WH) before Christmas :( And for logistics reasons we would prefer shipping everything together but that would mean that if you bought a card alone, you'll have to wait ...

So, here's what I suggest : if you REALLY need your card or kit before Christmas, write to me at [email protected] We can ship some boards and we have a few rPi Zero WH left here.

If that's OK for you to wait, know that your patience will be rewarded : you will leave to the first ones the joy to help us track the few remaining bugs :-)

Sorry for that delay, tell me what you think!



Ps : Blockly for Nabaztagtagtag is super cool to learn how to code!