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Nabaztag is back

Ressurect the first internet-connected bunny !

  • We're almost there


    I backed a lot of Kickstarter projects and I always thought it was bad news when the title of the mail was "Almost there".

    Well, it's true ! We're almost done.

    We've tested the production PCB and they are good. Soldering of the boards should then be done next week (we're waiting for the exact date on Monday).

    Here's a picture of the production PCB on a Nabaztag:tag. I know, it's very hard to distinguish something special about this board but just know that it makes us HAPPY!

    Next now is finishing the software, support contents, wait for the raspberry Pi Zero WH (slight delay on the sourcing) and prepare the shipping.

    Thanks for your patience (another Kickstarter project expression), in a couple of weeks we'll be done. Took us a year!

    Meanwhile, if you want to see us IRL, come booth 404 (yes) at Maker Faire Paris.

    Cheers and thanks again!




  • Nano news

    Hello !

    Quick news : we'll receive samples of the final PCB in a couple of days, once tested, production will be launched.

    And also : we'll be back at Maker Faire Paris, one year later!



  • Power supply

    Hello there,

    This news is about ... power supply.

    - If you have your original power supply, you don't have anything to do.

    - If not, you can still order one from here (or buy it directly, it's not as if we've based our 5-year business-plan on this revenue). But you have to do it today if possible (we have to order them this week).

    That's it for today (yes, we're still waiting for the PCB to arrive).



  • October!

    Hello everyone,

    Let's get to the point : manufacturing of the boards started last week. We now have to wait a couple of weeks (6 or 7) to get our hands on them.

    Well. How about going back to software now?

    Thanks for your patience!



  • Back to school news

    Hello everyone,

    In french we say "la rentrée" but I think it's "back to school" for english-speaking country !

    So we feel a little impatience now that we're closed to the promised shipping date. Let me tell you right now : we're a little bit late. October (I mean October, 31th of course) may be a little short. It will probably be more mid-november. Sorry!

    The reason : we foud some an analog noise coming from the LEDs and that affect the microphone when the LEDs are on. We did not found any simple solution so far, so we may go with the not-so-elegant solution to switch off the LEDs when we record a voice command (because the rest of the board works!).

    Meanwhile, in the coming weeks, we'll send contributors an email so that you can update your shipping address (this is a very classic tactic in crowdfunding project : when you are late, ask this kind of information).

    Even if that may a little bit tricky with shipping rates : if some people don't want their kit anymore, I have a list of rabbits waiting to be ressucitated. So contact me if that's the case!

    Again, sorry for the delay.

    Have a great day!