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Nabaztag is back

Ressurect the first internet-connected bunny !

  • Des news de l'actualité ! New news update !

    Tout est là / Everything is here :

    -> https://tinyletter.com/nabaztag/letters/des-news-de-l-actualit-news-of-the-news


  • Same player shoot again

    Hello hello,

    Despite the advanced configuration of the mail server, the sending of hundreds of emails has fail. Not miserably, but still.

    Here's a new try : with this super secret form with a captcha that will defy the most advanced bots you should be able to retrieve your order.


    Fingers crossed.


    PS : if this does not work, please email me at [email protected] (it's easier for me)

  • Cette fois ci c'est bon / Shipping in progress

    Hello hello !

    Voilà ! Les Raspberry Pi Zero WH sont arrivés.
    Raspberry Pi Zero WH arrived today!

    Si vous avez commandé une carte, un kit ou un lapin, vous devriez avoir reçu un email vous demandant de vérifier l'adresse (ou indiquant le numéro de suivi). Si ce n'est pas le cas, écrivez moi (après avoir bien regardé partout).

    You should have received an email from us. If not, tell me!
    (yes, translation has over-simplifed the message)



  • Happy new year !


    Yes, in France we have until the end of january to say Happy New Year.

    Anyway, we're beginning to ship the boards and a few kits/rabbits (around 90 of them). You should have received an email if you're in this batch.

    For the rest of you, the new delivery date of the raspberry Pi Zero WH is now January, 16th. Sorry!

    Très bonne année 2020 !


  • How are you guys doing?

    Hello there!

    I know that we were supposed to ship everything in october (2019) and that we're already in december (the 5th exactly).

    Here's a little slide that sums up the situation :

    Basically, it's not going to be possible to ship the kits (with the rPi Zero WH) before Christmas :( And for logistics reasons we would prefer shipping everything together but that would mean that if you bought a card alone, you'll have to wait ...

    So, here's what I suggest : if you REALLY need your card or kit before Christmas, write to me at [email protected] We can ship some boards and we have a few rPi Zero WH left here.

    If that's OK for you to wait, know that your patience will be rewarded : you will leave to the first ones the joy to help us track the few remaining bugs :-)

    Sorry for that delay, tell me what you think!



    Ps : Blockly for Nabaztagtagtag is super cool to learn how to code!