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The sweater impossible to shrink that you will keep for 10 years

About the project

But first we wanted to ask you how you imagined your perfect sweater. So we launched an online questionnaire and got more than 1200 replies. This is what you asked us to create :

So we did it !

The perfect sweater comes in blue, black and grey. We’ll contact you a few days after your order to know the colour or colours you want.

It won't be asked to you to give us your color and size preference when you order on Ulule. We will contact you by email a few days after your order for that. You will then be able to ask for advice if you have any doubt about a size for instance.

We deliver all over the world for 9€, except for France where delivery is offered.

If you realize that the size isn't good the day of the delivery, you will of course be able to change size, return costs will be at your charge.

The delivery is planed for the begining of February. We'll do everything we can to deliver you as soon as possible !

What are the funds for?

About the project owner

After 4 years in fashion, we decided to create a project that really represents us. We’ve always dreamed of beautiful clothes that last a lifetime and don't cost a ton. The perfect sweater is our first creation, we’ve been working on it for 6 months and we’re really happy to introduce it to you via the crowdfunding website Ulule.

Our aim with ASPHALTE is very simple:  to prove that it is still possible to sell at a reasonable price quality clothes that are expensive to produce. So, even if we’ll give our all to achieve this, we’re also going to need your help.

Thank you all for your support!


We've been working on this sweater for months. The fist people we'd like to thank are the 1200 who answered to our survey and supported us frm the beginning. A BIG thanks to all of you, you gave us a lot of strenght in building this projet from day 1.

Of course, we would like to thank all the people that have halped us preparing this launch:
Vince Perraud, Stéphane Prévost, Pierre Blondel, Raphaël Dargent, Karl Petzold, Vincent Ribé Puig, Belém et Ramon and finally, Frédéric et Hocine.

We also thank our friends and families who gave us great advice and feedbacks that have been really helpful: Annelsie, Victor, Charlus, Félix, Albert, Zoé, Batiste, Marc, Loulou, Sam, Debbie, Steph', Fanny, Thomas, Soif ...

And a special thanks to Marc Fiebig, who will know why we thank him !