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Le Petit Fab Lab de Paris

A laser cutter for everyone

About the project

Be part of our adventure by helping us , fund a laser cutter !


Le Petit Fablab de Paris is one of the first or the first indoor FabLab of Paris. We started in 2013 , with a bunch of dedicated volunteers/members who are still dedicated. Our aim is to mix crafts with computer technologies and help our members get (re-)acquainted with the DIY attitude.


We are an independant lab incubated by Nod-A.

At Le Petit Fab Lab de Paris, we , members , are helping each others on their projects, mentoring the newcomers , providing them with the required skills to complete their projects. We are trying to bridge the gap between the peoples who have the knowledge and the ones who wish to learn.

We are also raising awareness on DIY , handicaps , on environmental issues with the following festival or initiatives :

  • Alternatiba Paris,
  • E-Fabrik,
  • Fablab Festival,
  • Open Bidouille Camp, 
  • Pot Au Fab
  • etc.



Some of our members showing how to DIY toothpaste at FabLab Fest in Toulouse

Our place is where people can find the knowledge they are looking for, can share their knowledge and have the resources with the machines to build their projects or help the projects of other members

Why use a crowdfunding?

- Our association is based on volunteering , we have a limited budget (around 3400 euros for 2015 , 90% of it based on membership)

- We wish that anyone ,regardless of their incomes , can use our space and our machines

- Crowdfunding is also a statement of our willingness to gap the digital bridge, it means also our machine belong to our members


What are the funds for?


The crowdfunding will be use as followed:

- The laser cutter and its air filter will cost approximately 4000 euros 

- We will also need to buy additional materials to build our crowdfunding prizes, costs  will be around 600 euros

But hey ! You haven't told us yet what is a laser cutter ?



Laser cutter is a machine that cut materials like woods or metals with a laser. It is used in industrial manufacturing, but is also starting to be used in schools, small businesses, and by any persons who are curious about new technologies. Laser cutting direct the output of a high-power laser most through optical lens.

Thanks to, Adel one of our member , who made this vidéo to show what a laser is (in French but you get the idea):

What can we do with a laser cutter ?

A few things our members did with the laser cutter we previously owned:



The gifts we've put on the side , will be for your donation (small or large)

If you give us 5 euros:

  • Our lab will give you a small gift we will have built for you

If you give us 10 euros:

  • You'll be invited to thank you party for your help and you will receive your surprise gift either cut by our laser cutter or printed by our 3d printer. 

For bigger pledges, we will set short trainings on Arduino , Raspberry Pi or PureData.  The trainings will teach you how to start numerical programmning and carry either by yourself or with family (see list of pledges on your right).

Come to the lab to build objects you dreamt of. We will offer you trainings on  :

  • How to use the laser cutter and its software.
  • How to use  the 3d printer and how to program an electronic device to start a connected object  !
  • How to mix electronic and music programming to start a musical electronic device !

-  Come to the lab with your family ! Kids and parents will be able to learn how to protoype an object and see how our machines in action.

Our training are opened to anyone ! We have people who will able to help you technically.

If we reach our target, what will we do with the extra cash?


We reach 7000€ : We will buy a CNC

We reach 8000€ : We will try to buy a unicorn

We reach 10 000€ : We will try to buy two unicorns

PS: We will carry our training in French as our main audience is French. If you can't speak French, we can help but mostly to translate (technical) words in English,  the whole training will still be done in French.

About the project owner

Le Petit FabLab de Paris is non profit fablab, managed by its members, womens and mens alike. Our lab also reflects the technical diversity that you can encounter in a city of the size of Paris : jack-of-all trades, artists , teachers , engineers , craftsmen , developpers ....

A few pictures of our members below

You can meet us during our opening hours Saturday from 2Pm to 4Pm & also during improvised apéritifs (check our facebook and twitter )

You can reach us on our blog , facebook and twitter:


They are talking about us:



If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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