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The World of Lovecraft

A documentary film about the fantastic universe of H.P. Lovecraft

The fantastic library is being built

Dear contributors, dear friends, 

As soon as our crowdfunding campaign ended, we started building the fantasticlibrary, which will be the main set of the film. This is where most of the action will take place and where most interviewees will be met by our investigator. The library will thus have to offer many options to embed images and create transitions between the various interviews. It will be adjustable, so that all its angles can be exploited... as well as its non-euclidean geometry! 

We also started contacting the various interviewees to plan the shoot of their interviews.

Pierre François Lucas, our set decorator, and Nicolas Fructus, our artistic director, are working together on the design of the library.

The library will be divided into 3 separable parts:

  • The front. The left wall, the entrance door and the roof will be removable.
  • The centre. The column with its spiral staircase and the roof will be fixed to one another.
  • The back. The roof and the stained glass window will be removable. Furthermore, it will have openings which will enable the embedding of images shot against a green background.

Pierre François suggests some ideas for the decoration:

  • For the floor of the library, I see large, flat, white, dirty and irregular stones reminding of Aztec walls.
  • In addition, I envision a double passageway (top/bottom) like a drawing of Escher.
  • The left wall will be covered with some old books' back cover paper with dots and cracks, some of which will be real (through which tentacles could pass…) and others will be optical illusions.
  • The outer side of the front door will be completely independent from the library. When it is open, a green backgound between the two door wings will enable to insert the interior of the library and other things (with a strange proportion effect).
  • I imagine a huge front door which will turn out to be very small when seen from inside or the opposite.
  • Among the other elements which I have considered: a cave with a large staircase leading to an underground world, a tapestry hiding a secret passage, a wall out of which one cannot get out...


Nicolas Fructus is creating the monumental door of this fantastic library:

More coming soon...