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The Maelstrom

About the project

A maelstrom is a very powerful whirlpool; a large, swirling body of water. A free vortex, it has considerable downdraft.

Our project "The Maelstrom" is a teaser. That is to say, a short film to promote the development of a feature film from producers or other financial and artistic collaborators.


Dany is a young and talented professional boxer. His father, a harsh and authoritarian man, devoted his entire life to the career of his son. Recently, their passion for the noble art is no longer shared in the same way. The pace of life as father and son always are needed no longer corresponds to Dany dreams. With the support of Sam, his girlfriend, Dany prepares to lead the most difficult fight of his life. try to get out of the shadow of his father.

The duel between FATHER/SON:

Among our many references, three films have had a major influence on the development of "The Maelstrom": Whiplash, A Prophet and foxcatcher.

These films came in perfect resonance with our film desires. First, by the intense human relationships that are the heart of their stories. Not to mention, the virtuosity with which they are betting on the scene.


Our story focuses on three characters:

Dany, our hero, is a lost figure in his life. All of its choice is influenced by his father.

Dany's father is a loan determined man has everything to make his son a champion.

Sam, Danny's girlfriend, a sweet girl but strong character, hope that it can flourish.

Cast aside, we wanted absolutely an experienced actor and above all familiar with the universe of boxing embodies the father of the main character. Jo Prestia, former world champion Thai boxing and actor (Irreversible, 36 Quai Des Goldsmith, The Horde) we then seemed obvious. He did us the honor of joining our team as soon as he read the script.

exta is not the point to overlook because it ensures the credibility of the universe . Thus, all the extras of this short film are boxers.

Among them, Daouda Sow (Vice Olympic Champion in Beijing) we have the pleasure to have with us. The latter plays the Dany's training partner.


The northern region has a strong cinematic potential. Indeed, northern architecture of France recalled the Anglo-Saxon industrial environment but also American 90s (mining area, abandoned buildings, deserted roads ...). In addition, sports culture is very present in this region. These elements allow us to put our story in a very coherent universe.

Dany is he going to win his next fight?

What are the funds for?

The film was self-produced with the support of the association Camera en Nord. The company Prod Tuscany also help us through the shooting with a Red Epic camera. A tool used to film most Hollywood blockbusters: the trilogy of The Hobbit, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Lucy; or French films like The Fighters.

The final budget of the filming is 4000 € for the rental of video equipment, sound, scenery, costumes, accessories, plus administrative costs, governance, travel and countless small expenses.

We set a funding threshold to € 3200 via Ulule. The money raised will enable us to live our film. That is to say, cover the post-production and distribution costs. We can then present the short film festivals (admission fees, cost of blast media). Most importantly, organizing a big premiere in Paris. In a prestigious hall as the Max Linder.

Our Ulule campaign will end October 11 at midnight.

More you will support our project, your counterparty will be more important: thanks (obviously), movie poster, DVD + making of, your name in the credits, exclusive purpose of filming, etc ...

About the project owner

Let me introduce myself My name is Kevin Zonnenberg, I am president of Clap au Nord (the North Clap production.) which brings together young filmmakers (and moviegoers) from all backgrounds.

"The Maelstrom" marks our first collaboration with production company Meskaprod. We share the same vision of cinema. The northerner origin of our teams was a real plus and was extremely beneficial for this project to showcase the wealth of our region.

Strong physical preparation was needed to embody what Dany professional boxer. For this, I took on five kilos and have imposed upon myself a true rhythm, that is to say, three months of daily weight training coupled with an intensive boxing. Moreover, it was very important to me that this training takes place in the northern region, where the hero is coming from.


68 kilos picture in the middle and 75 kilos the one on the top.

To get into the psychology of my character roles in Bullhead Schoenaerts

or Tom Hardy in When night has inspired me a lot.

Or Channing tatum with his performance in the movie Foxcatcher.

To be as true as possible, I have also done a great job of research on the world of boxing and these legends (Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, etc.)

Below you can find the trailer of a film directed by meskaprod entitled "Bang in the void," winner of talented young Pictanovo.


And here, a little short directed by the North Clap "An unknown call"


Thank you to all the film crew without whom the film would never have emerged.