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The notebook of happiness

Choose your wishes and realize them!

About the project


Thanks to all my backers!

When my story began with the notebook of happiness, I could not imagine that I would have so many surprises. For two months you made me vibrate, you showed me that everything is possible. That when we believe in something and give everything we have to achieve its objective it becomes real, concrete !! I also discovered the hearts of people, their generosity and it is magnificense! So yes I bet my life on Ulule, but I managed it thanks to your exceptional gifts, without you it would have been complicated !! I can tell you that this is an incredible experience, because it is a question of inspiration, but above all of trust and you trusted me and I will never forget it !!

I now have to find a publishing house because I can not do it in auto editions. The step that I had to reach required more resources but with this amount of money I will be able to buy the rights of the photos to avoid scaring the publishers because the price of the book would have been more expensive and less interesting for them. I will be able to buy a few hundred notebooks and so I will send them to you.

For counterparties I will contact you if you want them or not. I know some of you do not want to, so we'll see that together.
Finally, I will be happy to keep in touch with all of you. You are in the adventure now and I will do everything to make it travel around the world, not only in france !!

I will end with this African proverb that sums up our adventure well

"Only we walk faster, together we go farther"

Take care of yourself and as always, love !!

Here is my story in a few words ...

One morning I had an idea, an idea which seemed obvious to me, and which was about to embark on a great adventure. Everything I needed was there in my hand in the form of a notebook! I could see wishes, with words and images, quotes from famous people, all gathered on coupons that would allow me to realize my dreams, and God knows I have! It was to be called "Le Carnet du Bonheur". And today you have it in your hands !

My notebook is related to energy. There is so much energy around us, in us everywhere. We share it,  we transmit it over a long period of time and throughout our lives. We do not see it, but it is there, present without even thinking about it. We are made of energy and we live on energy. Once we know this, it is up to us to do our utmost to make it as harmonious, just and positive as is possible! When we think positive, we focus on our goals, we create a real synergy and thus we have much more chance to succeed.

You can be sure of this ! Tell yourself everyday that many things can be accomplished, that you can fulfill your wishes by using this notebook, using its positive energy, as I do myself !

Then take the coupon you have chosen, enter your name, date, sign it, then detach it and keep it close to you. It's as simple as that : "Ask, Believe, Receive" !              


What are the funds for?

The sum that I ask corresponds to the quote for the book for a 800 copies for an amount 2400 € TTC + the purchase of 55 photos to the amount of 500 € TTC + about 300 € of counterparties, it all depends on your purchases, + Count the 8% for Ulule + mailings of the counterpartes. The more funds I have, the more I would have to facilitate to sell my book easily on the Internet waiting to be signed up by a publishing house ...




About the project owner

My name is Fred Mayfield, I am a singer and a songwriter. I developed very early artistic qualities with the music in the writing of songs, for me and for other artists. So, I am closely interested in all these questions of the energies which surround us and with personal well-being and this notebook is for me the opportunity to deliver a message of love as strength and universal language!                Instagram: lecarnetdubonheur  /  Twitter : lecarnetdubonheur




If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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