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Lavinia Rock Camp per ragazze 2018

girls with a damn good sense of self

About the project

For our second Lavina Rock Camp, our goal, as always, is to help the girls form a band, learn to play, write a song, and perform it for families and friends at the end of the week-long camp. No experience necessary. Beginners welcome.

What we offer:
- instrument, songwriting and song composition workshops
- rehearsal spaces and instruments
- women's rock history, stage and body image workshops
- concert booking and publicity generating workshops
- plus, sports, games and a whole lot of fun.

With your help and generosity, this Ulule campaign will make the girls at Lavinia Rock Camp 2018 shine like the stars they truly are.

Our mission:
Young girls can rock just as hard as anyone. We are creating a place where that is encouraged. In our one-week long camp we hope to open doors of opportunities, showing girls they have support and a place where they can make contacts, band mates and hopefully some long time friends with other girls who rock. Let us show young girls there is no stopping them, especially when they are encouraged and respected. Whether it’s a hobby or a dream, playing music is creative and educational. We should all do more of it.
Be curious. Come and rock with us.

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What are the funds for?

Art Supplies - 100 € (tshirts, button supplies, banner materials, paint)
Promotion, communication, translation - 300 € (printing, social media ads, internet, phone, publicity)
Food for the campers and staff - 200 €
Rental or purchase of instruments and other musical instrument supplies - 500 (guitars, amps, strings, drum supplies)
Travel (staff) - 300 € (gas, train and bus tickets)
Other reimbursements (staff)  - 300 € (fees and per diem)
Utilities - 150 € (electricity, gas, water)
Space improvement - 300 € (improve electricity and water systems, soundproofing, landscaping)
Campaign reward mailings - 150 €
Ulule commission: 8% VAT included

About the project owner

Invizin is a not-for-profit international cultural laboratory focused on stimulating and supporting ideas that challenge the status quo of social tolerance and material and intellectual sustainability. We invite and form international collaborations to apply artistic practice, scientific research and analysis, technological advances, and radical thinking across multiple fields. Based in the Italian region of Abruzzo, Invizin develops and implements model solutions that build creative and sustainable common futures...

invizin website

Hilary Binder is the founder of Invizin and also Lavinia Rock Camp. Herself a rock musician (drummer, singer, composer), she is interested in providing more support for young girls to rockthan she received when she was their age!