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Las Hermanas de Rocinante

„Las Hermanas de Rocinante" is a feature documentary about horses in Spain who have been abandoned due to the economic crisis.

About the project

In a little farm near the Costa Blanca an English woman and two young girls are gathering unwanted animals and are offering them not only shelter and food but also trying to give them back their dignity.

BACKGROUND Rocinante is the famous white horse on which Don Quijote rode while he was fighting the windmills. Lois Ford has been fighting for seven years now for a better life for the offspring of Rocinante. The number of horses in need has increased dramaticaly after the economic crisis hit Spain. Many people lost not only a lot of money but their homes and in 2012 more horses than ever were brought to the slaughterhouse. The number of horses sank from 750.000 to 660.000. 

LOIS & LUCÍA & PAULA Spending time with Lois at the rescue centre I could not only get an insight in the thoughtful way the horsewoman works with the horses but also had the chance to meet Lucie, the 10-year-old daughter of Lois, and her best friend Paula. It was very touching for me to see how much their childhood is influenced by the work of Lois. Instead of spending hours on the internet the girls are caring for the outcasts of our society, often facing illness and death. My team and I witnessed with our camera how the girls said good bye to an old and ill mare before it was pulled down by the veterinarian. The white horse survived eight months alone in the fields with a broken leg before Lois found her. A lucky turn which many horses do not generally experience. 

THE FILM „Las hermanas de Rocinante“ addresses a social issue which not only concerns animals but also humans. When we are old and useless we are also likely to be marginalized by society. When it comes to horses neglect is often a matter of life and death. Our objective is to tell the story of how victims of the economic crisis are turning into heroes at Lois' farm through three different point of views: the adults, the children and the horses.

THE TEAM „Las hermanas de Rocinante“ is not the first film my team and I have made about animals.  We filmed a short documentary over two months in an animal shelter in Italy where we observed how animals unfold their characters in front of the camera. Looking at them is like looking in a mirror that shows imbalance within our own society. 

Livia Romano was born in Genova in 1986. After she graduated in Art, Cinema and Theatre in 2009 at the University of Turin, she attended a 3-year-course in camera and lighting at the ZeLIG School for Documentary, Television and New Media of Bolzano. In these years she realized different documentaries as cinematographer like "Loving and Leaving" directed by Alexandra Kaufmann and "Un fin del mundo" directed by Tiziana Poli. During and after her studies she started to work in the camera departement for cinema productions as video assist and second camera assistant. She also continued to collaborate for documentaries like "Dal profondo" of Valentina Pedicini, winner of the Doc Award at the Rome Film Festival 2014 and Bar Mario di Stefano Lisci (in production).

Silvia Mazzarella was born in 1982 in a little town near Viterbo, Italy. She studied cinema and arts in Rome, Barcelona and Bologna, where she graduated in 2009 with a thesis about Joris Ivens' documentary "L'Italia non è un paese povero". During the studies she collaborated with several web-tv programs working in the editorial office as an editor and she assisted in organizing documentary festivals as DocUnder30 and the SalinaDocFestival (Art director: Giovanna Taviani). Because of her passion for documentary, in 2010 she moved to Bolzano to study editing at ZeLIG-School for Documentary, Television and New Media: in 2013 she obtained her diploma with the movie “Elsewhere”, directed by Ane Helga Likka. After the studies she worked as an assistant editor for the tv-series for Rai2, the Italian Television (Rex, season VII and VIII; L’ispettore Coliandro-Il ritorno), Dal profondo (Best Italian Documentary – 8’ FF Rome 2013) and „Lass Springen Baby!“ produced by Motorfilm Zürich and Miramonte.

Catherine Evans from Australia, Piotr Pietrus from Poland and Vasili Vikhliaev from Russia accompanied Alexandra Kaufmann to Costa Blanca to shoot the trailer. As a team we were as international as the group of volunteers helping out at Lois' farm. After spending one week with them we felt like a big family and even sometimes like part of the horse gang. No wonder that we grew together very fast. While we were there we witnessed how Lois and the whole team said goodbye to two old and ill horses before they were released by the veterinarian. But we didn’t only shed tears together, we also spent moments full of joy. For example, when a huge and beautiful horse, with self-esteem the size of a mouse, slowly became aware of his size and started to become part of the herd.

What are the funds for?

By contributing to this Ulule campaign you are enabling us to do the first of three shootings, our goal is to follow the story of a horse over a period of 6 months filming the rescue, the time with Lois and the girls on the farm and the effort of Lois and her team to find a forever home for the horse.

+ renting filming equipment needed to work in good conditions and shoot with no delay the various life moments

+ Travel and accommodation in Spain

+ editing of a rough cut, necessary step to prepare the film to be shown to broadcasters and apply for ressources from foundations to finish the film

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About the project owner

Director's biography:

Alexandra Kaufmann was born in 1979 in Munich, Germany. After completing her studies of economics in Munich and Cape Town, she studied journalism at a long distance university in Berlin. She took screenwriting courses with Martin Thau, Keith Cunningham and Tom Schlesinger before studying directing at the ZeLIG School for Documentary, Television and New Media in Bolzano, Italy. During and after her studies she has been researching episodes of the TV series “Gernstl in Bavaria, Greece and Veneto“, a series produced by Megaherz Film and Fernsehen for Bayerisches Fernsehen. With the support of the South Tyrollean Film fund she realized her graduation film „Being You, Being Me“ which has been shown at important film festivals in Florence, Kalcota, Munich, Perugia and Minsk where it won the award for the best 1st and 2nd documentary.

Directors Filmography:
„Being You, Being Me“, director, documentary 42’ (2013), ZeLIG Production
„Loving and Leaving“, director, short documentary 22’ (2012), ZeLIG Production
„Corpo Giusto“, assistant director, short fiction film, 18’ (2010)
„Stille – das scheue Glück“ , assistant director, documentation, 45’ (2010)

Festival and awards:
Festival dei Popoli/Florenz,
Slapstick International Student Film Festival/Kalkutta,
Listapad/Minsk (Award for best 1st and 2nd documentary competition),
Perugia Social Film Festival/Perugia (September 2015)