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Les Larmes de Notre Dame et Monsieur Germain

Épilobe present : a comic strip and a children's book

About the project

The comic strip by  Florian ROYER and the children’s book written by  Claire ALBERGHI,  illustrated by Élodie PASSICOT,  have been in preparation for many months at  Épilobe and  will soon be ready to go to print.  You’ll have them in your hands soon!




Product details:

   Album containing 88 pages (+ 8  cover sheets),   79 PRINTS

   Divided into 3 chapters of 25, 21 and  33 pages respectively.

   Format: 22X29 cm

   Hard cover

Development stage:

Florian has completed all drawing outlines and colored half of the 79 prints. The text manuscript is complete and is being added to the comic strip speech bubbles entirely by hand.  

Expected availability:

From April 2017.



Florian Royer found his inspiration in Notre-Dame de Paris, the historical novel by Victor HUGO (1802-1885), which takes place towards the end of the Middle Ages in 1482. Throughout the novel, King Louis XI, obsessed by the quest to find the philosopher's stone, disguises himself and goes to the Notre-Dame cathedral  to meet and discuss alchemy with  Claude FROLLO. Alchemists attribute other properties to the philosopher's stone beyond the ability to turn ordinary metals into gold; the legendary stone has also the ability to heal diseases and extend human life well beyond natural limits.

Additional inspiration for this story lies in the “steampunk movement”, a literary subgenre of science fiction that incorporates the aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery.

Les Larmes de Notre-Dame’s storyline takes place in a retro futuristic world.  Paris is portrayed as an industrialized medieval city where Notre-Dame is a factory producing contraband luxury «liquid stone» famous for curing illness and preserving humanity from the devastation of old age.  Unfortunately, the pollution generated by this factory is so severe that it is virtually impossible to live and breathe without a self-contained suit or gas mask. Esmeralda and her sidekick Djali are the only two individuals with the rare ability to breath without such protection. This exceptional power is a source envy and desires in many, including the alchemist Frollo. In this fascinating universe, Esmeralda, Quasimodo the other protagonists’ wild adventures are sure to keep readers captivated until the very last episode.

Just a few extracts from the first chapter of Larmes de Notre-Dame

Pierre Gringoire, Engineer by trade, finds himself in a most intriguing place.  He runs into (amongst others) Djali, a half-man, half-beast mutant…

… and also Esmeralda, a bold and feisty young girl...

…faced with Clopin,, Head of the  «Cours des Miracles», he ends up in a very bad position…

 … some story boards later...

Esmeralda and Djali face Quasimodo, a deformed giant serving Frollo, the Alchemist of Notre-Dame charged with the production of the «stone»"... 



Florian ROYER, 26, studied  Graphical Arts at the  «École supérieure des métiers de l’image (ESMI) de Bordeaux».  Florian’s passion since kindergarten has been drawing; he also works ion animation projects.  Florian practices artistic fencing and participates in various forms of artistic performance. Les Larmes de Notre-Dame is Florian’s first published work.  Whether with crayons and brushes in hand, sword swinging or dressed as a pirate, one thing is certain: Florian’s greatest gift is his passion for storytelling. 




Product details:

Album consists of 32 pages

Format: 19X24 cm

Classical stitched spine

Target age: Approximately 5, or younger for all those lucky enough listen to this surprising story of about a grumpy rat.

Development stage:

The story line is complete.  Elodie has designed the railway that represents the book, page by page, complete with illustrations. At present she’s completed half of the illustrations and has begun painting them.


From June 2017.

Sketch of our hero, a (very) noble rat, who knows how to behave  ... 


... in all circumstances



The birth of the legend of Monsieur Germain

Claire Alberghi, the author, used to give dance lessons in an old room, the floor of which was dented in certain places. She had a dog, called Pepito, who scratched the ground all the time. One day, a pestilential odor appeared, rising through the holes in the floor. The little dancers lay on their stomachs and looked through the holes to find out if they could see anything. It was very funny and gave Claire the idea for her story of Monsieur Germain, the rat who lives under the floor of the dance school. From year to year, the former students passed on the tale, and Monsieur Germain has become a legend. Claire has also used this story to encourage her young students to evolve with grace and lightness, so as not to disturb the old boy who cannot stand the noise ...

The beginning:

Monsieur Germain is a rat of little nobility; a little old nut, a grumpy man, who scratches a lot. One day, his crystal chandelier begins to move and he hears dull noises above his head, and even notes of music ... But what happens?

Read this book to find out what will upset the life of Mr. Germain, a hardened bachelor, but perhaps more…

Ah! This perfume, the position of the head, this elegance ... Monsieur Germain feels everything…


The little girls are intrigued by Mr Germain’s whacks of the broom…



Claire ALBERGHI has taught dance for more thatn 40 years ; her passion for the art remains firm.  Her primary goal is to instill in her pupils the desire for and the pleasure of dance; to teach them to express themselves through the movement. Having preserved her childish soul, and with great creativity, she likes to tell stories through her choreographies.  Before becoming the hero of a book, Mr. Germain was a hero of ballets.


Élodie PASSICOT, born in the Basque Country in 1990, studied fashion, before joining the École supérieure des métiers de l'image (ESMI) in Bordeaux. Her passion is particularly directed towards the illustration of books for young people.  Monsieur Germain is her first publication – and her first opportunity to display the extent of her talent. 

What are the funds for?

Purpose of Financing :

IMPORTANT:  The project can only be realised if the goal of EUR 11000.00 is reached or surpassed. 

The majority of funding ( € 7,600) will be devoted to printing the two books in France. The choice of paper, respect for colors, finishes – no details will be overlooked. 

For the 96 page comic:  I have chosen a printing company located in Vendée that works regularly with major comic book publishers. The greatest care will be taken in the production of the book, which will benefit from a hardback binding, as per comic book tradition. 700 copies will be printed at a cost of € 5,600.
The 32 page Children’s book will be printed in the Gironde and will  have a stitched binding and a beautifully filmed cover with insertion of a selective varnish that will sublimate the whole.  500 copies will be printed, at a cost of € 2,000.

The remainder of the amount requested (€ 3,400) will be used to manufacture the rewards and payment of postage (€ 700), Ulule commission and bank fees (€ 700), payment of the second part of the balance due to the authors and illustrators in order to guarantee them a remuneration - a first part has already been paid to them (€ 1,500).  Finally, the remuneration of the graphic designer helping to create the models for printing (€ 500).


If the campain is successful – if we reach the 11,000 EUR goal and if the books sell, Epilobe Editions will be able to move forward and work on further projects –more or less, we will be able to continue to build our company which focuses on the promotion of new authors and illustrators.   

Beyond the this, I hope that this fundraising campaign will also serve to make the publisher known to readers and professionals. A publisher who starts with very few titles in his catalog can hardly resort to the first years of a distributor-distributor, and the project presented on ULULE can help to make the general public discover the fantastic books published by Épilobe.



The greatest care will be taken in the manufacturing of rewards other than books (which will be more than perfect), and the choice of surprise gifts.

Here, the prototypes (not definitive) of one of the rewards, the Tote Bag (100% organic cotton bag, dimensions 42x38 cm), printed either with front cover image of the chosen book or two-sided with images of Two covers for the counterparties including the two books.

  • For the choice of the custom packs and the choice of the characters of the original drawings of the rewards to 200 € and more, the contributors will be contacted by Cathy.
  • Contributors must communicate their email, name, surname and address very precisely once the campaign is over (and successful!) In order to receive their gifts.
  • A receipt or invoice may be provided on request to participating businesses or individuals.
  • Contributors residing in the Gironde region or in the region, as well as anyone who wishes, may withdraw their consideration at book publishing events, the dates of which will be communicated to you later.
  • Shipping costs are included for people residing in France or in other countries.
  • In order to avoid overpaying expenses to Épilobe, the contributors who chose the gift  that includes the two books will be delivered as soon as the second book, Monsieur Germain, is printed in June 2017.
  • Contributors can pay by CB  or by check (payable to Épilobe éditions), sent to: Épilobe éditions 22Bis rue du Commandant Charcot 33140 Villenave d'Ornon FRANCE
  • Do not hesitate to contact Cathy the Editor for any questions regarding books, rewards, payment methods, delivery times or any topic related to this participatory fundraising campaign, via the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) at the bottom of this page, or by sending an email to:

About the project owner

Épilobe, a small publishing house named after a plant known for its healing and soothing virtues, was created in March 2016 in Bordeaux.  Its mission is the publication of illustrated books for children, comics and documentaries.  Cathy VIALLE is the visionary who had the dream and courage to start this small company and to manage it on her own with great enthusiasm and tenacity (nothing holds her back!).

The initial invested capital was used primarily to establish graphics, develop a web site, to pay author’s and illustrator’s royalties as well as for compulsory social security contributions.  Remaining funds contributed to the printing and distribution of the publishing house’s first book Non, il n'est jamais trop tard pour  apprendre à danser ! published in Octobre 2016. This book is a testimony to the practice of classical dance as an adult,  as envisioned by the editor herself and illustrated by the talented Margaux DORY (More info can be found on the company website’s catalogue  )

Non, il n'est jamais trop tard pour apprendre à danser ! has reached an expanding audience slowly but surely, although hasn’t yet made the best-seller list.

The words of the publisher :
The desire to create books based on subjects that are important to me; my meetings with young authors and illustrators and the desire to give them the chance to be published for the first time - these are what inspired the creation of  Épilobe éditions.
 I have been passionate about books ever since I held a DUT Editions / Métiers du Livre obtained in my early youth. I have enthusiastically re-entered the world of books, learning the trade of the publisher, from the conception of the book to its commercialization.
I have another job that gives me the means to live (financially speaking!).  This allows me to take editorial risks (ie to be free in my choices) without following the laws of the market, and means I don’t necessarily have to be paid for a project.  The important thing for me is the encounters and what they bring about; the beautiful books prepared with care and fervor. 

For more information, please have a look at the articles published on our blog; these detail the beginnings of my work as an editor.

You can also visit us on facebook

Or instagram

À bientôt ...  Cathy


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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