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Videodance - Sharon Lomanno y Myrna Renaud

About the project

L A P S U S  the videodance piece, is the third videography collaboration between director Sharon Lomanno and movement artist Myrna Renaud.

The monumental landscape of Montserrat in Catalonia deciphers an era in our evolutionary process of thirty-five million years below sea level. The stoic presence of these gigantic rocks transmits wisdom of being and clarity of breath. I not the rock, the volcanic matter in eruption...the impertinent smallness deep in the fissure of stone...the steadfast continuum of form in evolution...

After L’Estaca and En Blanco, LAPSUS closes a cycle of learning and comprehension beyond logic; rational and internal. Two women united, true to their reasons of existence in their respective lives, find themselves breathing the freshness and peace at the apex of Montserrat.

A long inner journey burns in the fires of their intense lives. Upon the threshold of new optics they see other forms of the mountain, rich in mysterious flavors. Submerged by water thirty-five million years ago, Montserrat resurfaces to the world in all its grandeur and beauty. From amoeba to human being, many lives transpired. An imaginative historical path which observes primal movement in the dance of life: the monumental sculptural stability of Montserrat.

What are the funds for?

Within the framework of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Renaud´s method of intuitive creation and healing, La Voz Que Sana© mrm1997-2018; LAPSUS was produced and post produced with a very limited budget and bountiful inspiration. As of October 2017, En Situ Danza proposes and submits the piece to international festivals, exhibitions and showings in a limited and pro-bono manner. It is time to expand this procedure into total-forum world-mode Therefore we need:

  1. Press pack and poster design 
  2.  Unlimited submissions 
  3. Travel to events and forums

About the project owner

NaRonDi2017 derives from the collaboration between Myrna Renaud, Sharon Lomanno and Jordi Arqué in July 2017.

Myrna Renaud, movement artist with a celebrated career of forty-two uninterrupted years, defines her vision and research as a balance between intellect and body.

In Barcelona 2012, working as a choreographer and educator she met Sharon Lomanno, who at the time worked as videographer and photographer with a recent initiation in dance. Sharon sought in dance a starting point for inner truth, the balance between the philosophy of life and its interaction with a different point of view, an active and activated outlook.

Jordi Arqué the man; artist, dancer and videographer who brought freshness and innocence to the collective gaze and Sharon´s faithful cameraman and collaborator since 2012, surmounted and gave faith of this balance thus investing the NaRonDi triad.

Myrna Renaud
I am a visual artist, my medium is dance. I´ve inherited dance from my mother and great grandmother. The one preferred to dance instead of a plate of food, the other was transported by mule to country-folk parties that could last up to a week. I fell in love with algebra upon the understanding of choreographic composition. In New York I learned that Africa lives in me. In Puerto Rico I learned line, harmony, balance, color and texture. In Texas I learned scale and perspective. In Europe I learned to be true to my aesthetic and self. Today, after forty-two years of professional laboring, I dance in and through those who desire so.

Sharon Lomanno 
In constant search for stillness, I wrap my work in the art of life, observing with new eyes the sum and vision of liveliness in the environment, space, elements and my body. Embracing the sacredness of entirety, with light I write visual perception, with movement I immortalize feelings, dancing with a true sense of being in life. More information regarding this praxis:

Jordi Arqué 
I commenced with sound postproduction of numerous short films, among them Tierra Yerma selected at the San Sebastian Film Festival 2006. In 2009-2010, co-created with Roberto Romero the Urban_butoh project,an assemblage of videodance pieces which focus primarily on the improvisation of butoh dancers. Have made videos with major artists such as Atsushi Takenouchi, Ken Mai, Minako Seki, Daisuke Yoshimoto. In 2011 I united forces with the videographic team of the Raravis Company, creating the video segments of many performances for Rosa Muñoz and Andrés Corchero. I have worked with dancers Malpelo, Cristina Nuñez, Amaranta Velarde and Colectivo 96º. El alma del baile is my first documentary. I am currently in postproduction for my next documentary Moonwalk shot in the summer of 2017 in the French Pyrenees.