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La Main Noire's Lab & Coffee shop

Get involved in the opening of La Main Noire's Lab & Coffeeshop in Paris (11th)

About the project


It's done... This campaign has been tiring but we have finally made it.

Keep in touch with our project as we move towards finally opening our doors - @la.main.noire on our social media accounts.

Thank you again, this is all because of you!


But more importantly we have gathered over 4000€ of funds with no counter gifts. This money will go towards to our different social and ethical projects.

A part will go towards the distribution of meals for the less fortunate and homeless - we are already in contact with Emmaus and The Salvation Army to collaborate with them. 

Another part will go to Coffees in Waiting and we are still reflecting about other ways to give back to the community.

PS. If you have any ideas, leave us a comment with your contribution :-)

Thanks to YOU and thank you to all future contributeurs!

Why Support the project La Main Noire's Lab & Coffee Shop ?

1. The first true seasonal Melbourne brunch and coffee restaurant in Paris
2. Support the continued development of our products, healthy and 100% natural
3. To support our social actions, like :

  • We will feed the local homeless every 2 weeks by using our ingredient trimmings
  • Customers will be able to donate an amount to coffee in waiting, which we will match and then offer free coffees to the least fortunate of the neighborhood

5. Help us build a giant composte for the neighborhood and of course for our compostable sticky chai packets
6. Will use local and seasonal ingredients only
7. Changing the code of Parisien brunches






After 18 months of intense work day and night, we have brought you the Sticky Chai range and more recently the Golden Paste, found in many coffee shops around Paris.

We have pushed the limits of what is possible to do with only 3 pairs of hands and now, we need your help to go even further and to bring you our true vision of Brunch and specialty coffee.

Opening a laboratory/coffeeshop will allow us to continue the development of our ideas, creations and to engage and share with you what we believe to be the future of the Parisian brunch and coffee culture, something we have only been able to do in small parts until now.


Everything started in Australia 5 years ago… Melbourne, the coffeeshop capital of the world. Quentin and Ludo discovered their burning passion for specialty coffee and the Australian vision of modern brunch and modern eating.

They met Ryan, an Australian obsessed by cuisine and French Gastronomy. After becoming friends in another part of Melbourne’s local scene, the boys realized that they shared the same passions and visions for this concept of cafés which was only slowly being accepted in other parts of the world.

Strengthened and emboldened by their experiences in all four corners of the globe, the 3 friends reunite in Paris… the fire still burning. All from different professional backgrounds, they share a desire to bring to Paris; the true Melbourne experience.



We want to break the codes of traditional French cafés and focus on the two-way engagement with the public, a sharing of knowledge and ideas, offering top quality specialty coffee, La Main Noire’s well known alternative drinks and of course detailed and creative dishes.

We will propose seasonal menus and each weekend we will offer a “White Menu” brunch, the menu changing entirely every weekend.



It is with this vision in mind that Ryan, Ludo and Quentin decide to regroup their talent to create La Main Noire. A collective made up of a chef and baristas who pride themselves in sharing their techniques, knowledge and experience in order to innovate in the coffee shop and brunch culture in Paris.


Here began a crazy period for La Main Noire. We decided to smash our piggy bank and launch ourselves, body and mind, into this new project. On top of each of our full-time jobs, we worked nights and weekends; from the production to the marketing, and delivery of our products. Sales prospects from door to door, return trips with tens of kilos of products to our lab multiple times a week, night time productions and even deliveries on the metro… We have done it all.




At the beginning… La Main Noire was meant to be a café proposing all of our knowledge to its clients. But, very quickly, we attracted a large market for our innovative products, the ideas and projects continued to line up and this delayed the opening of our space.

We realized that it was vital we gave enough time and effort to the development of our creations and the satisfying of the public, to put ourselves in a better position to achieve our dreams in the future – a big space with an untraditional layout for a coffee shop so that we can host you and share vision with you.

Before the conception of our products, we were confronted by the reality in Paris. The lack of choice and healthy alternatives for certain vital products served by cafés and restaurants. Too sweet, too many additives, too fatty, and often bland… There was no doubt that there was much work to be done to provide ethical, heathy and quality products.



Dry teas, industrial powders and syrups; The chai (a medicinal drink of Indian origin) is often neglected in coffee shops searching an easy profit behind quality coffee, even if it is the second highest selling milk based hot drink at cafés (behind cappuccinos and lattés).

A good chai takes time to prepare and to source high quality and organic spices is expensive and complicated. After 6 months of tests, we finally cemented a recipe that we are proud of and began to offer it to professionals around Paris and beyond.

What a success!

Sticky Chai – a unique mixture of tea and freshly roasted spices, 100% organic.

Without forgetting fresh ginger and vanilla, the entirety enrobed in honey or agave syrup to preserve and balances its aromas.





The idea is to continue down this path… and we have plenty of ideas.

The Golden Paste

Golden Paste is the first fresh turmeric-based product for the preparation of the famed Golden Latte. We want you to discover the benefits of turmeric like never-before, in a drink as surprising visually as it is on the palate. The golden latte by La Main Noire will be without a doubt the next product to revolutionize the world of alternative hot drinks.



New Projects and Collaborations

Support the artisan culture in France and Europe! The more that we meet local craftsmen and women, the more we discover the potential of our products. Ice-creams, cakes, sauces, cheeses and beers!


  • Photo to the right : Jones Ice Cream Berlin - Apple Cider & Sticky Chai Ice Cream
  • Photo milieu : Cake Boy Paris - Chocolate & Sticky Chai Cake
  • Photo to the left : The Vegan Dairy Melbourne - La Fromage Noire Vegan, activated charcoal & Sticky Chai Wild (vegan)


We try our best to give a chance to creativity. If you know any talented artisans, don’t hesitate to put them into contact with us.

We are in the development phase of more new products and hope to be able to share them with you very soon.

Our long-term project – become more ethical and remain affordable. The complexity of our products in possible due to the sourcing and use of a wide variety of high-quality exotic products. Without our own space, and the lack of a large storage space has limited our ability to order high quantities of ingredients and has stopped us being able to work more closely with producers. That means there are two things we need… time; to find and work with these producers and space… lots of space.

The Space

Our shared laboratory has been a good short-term solution, but we are arriving at our maximum capacity. It is far from ideal. In order to guaranty the continuing quality of our creations and most of all to be able to host you in our own universe, sharing our knowledge and creations, we need a space that will allow us to systemize our production and to offer you dishes inspired by our experiences in the brunch capital of the world… Melbourne.

We want to create a space so transparent and open that you can directly observe our productions and take part in the knowledge sharing which helps build our new creations.

For us, it is also an occasion to establish ourselves in a local community. To contribute to the dynamism and development of the neighborhood, promote local artists and artisans (exposition of local creations in our café for sales without commission).



Smallest details make the biggest difference

In addition to our business focus, we want to put additional measures in place to reduce waste, such as the application “Too good to go” and to install all necessities to have a home compost with the help of “Les Alchemistes”. Fortunately, finished packets of our Sticky Chai can be added directly into that compost!

For take away dishes and drinks, we will offer discounts to those who bring their own recepticle. Additionally, we aim to implement measures such as “Coffee in waiting” as well as to designate a 2 hour period every two weeks where local homeless/SDF can eat for free.  

Any dish chosen can be re-created in Vegan or Vegetarian form... no one will miss out chez nous!


(If you tick the box "I don't wish to receive counter gifts", the equivelant value will be put towards our charitable projects such as Coffee in Waiting, meals towards the unfortunate, drinks for local immigrants)


We want to create a space with complete transparence; where you can watch us produce, experiment and create…

We have found a magnificent space in the 11th arrondissement which needs to be completely re-done; a dream occasion for us to create a place in our image and to transmit out vision to you!

The terrace will open onto the street and will be exposed to sunshine between 11am and 2pm, we wish to build a beautiful wooden shelter with vines to complement to beautiful tree already there.

The interior will be cozy with an industrial styled deco. The aim is to reflect our love of the artisan culture and respect for brute materials such as wood, metal, concrete and plantation.


What are the funds for?

To propose a space that is 100% transparent and the most open possible, to enhance our experience and yours. To achieve this goal, we will need to build a large but open/transparent separation between the eating area and the kitchen/laboratory. Known for our products, we want to share them with you. We want you to smell our chai being made and as you place your order, to be able to ask questions of our chef and of course, for you to contribute in the knowledge exchange that will give way to our future products.

This investment is significant for our 3 pairs of hands and this campaign will help us take a huge step towards achieving our dreams and  and proving that these dreams are not out of place in Paris.

We must cut the shop in two while building an open separation which will be mostly on display during the week as we produce our products and closed the weekend during brunch hours (for hygiene reasons).


If your heart so desires 100% – We will build this laboratory and open separation… we will spend our days exchanging with you and showing you our creations as well as our new ideas. We will be able to host you at La Main Noire, a space of sharing and of unfiltered passion for the good stuff.


We touch 150% - thanks to you! That is 7,500 euros to allow us to purchase large and highe quality equipment to facilitate larger productions of our chai and golden paste… as well as our soon to be arriving new products. Also important is that this will protect our hands from manually working too much hot chai!!

WHAT? - 7,500 euros more for the purchase of our convection oven, just as necessary for our products (to perfect the roasting of our spices) as it will be for serving you that perfect brunch you have been waiting all bloody week for. We will also be able to invest in some industrial styled shelves to display our beautiful spices and raw products around our café.

Whoop Whoop!! - 7,500 euros to finance a Wooden shelter for the terrace with beautiful vines and to finance a big party with you!



About the project owner



La Main Noire Website

La Main Noire Facebook Page

La Main Noire Instagram Page



We would like to take a moment to thank the following people.

  • Papilles Coffeehouse Restaurant - for their support since the beginning of La Main Noire and for kindly allowing us to use the restaurant for our crowdfunding party as well as our crowdfunding video.
  • Bangers & Mash - for the amazing video that they produced from A to Z, don’t hesitate to contact them if you have any video needs… True pros!
  • Mathieu Richer Mamousse – More than a photographer, a great friend and a beautiful man. Thank you for managing to highlight our work with your endless talent.
  • Oskare Brewerie – Thank you for believing in our project and for the partnership which gave birth to the amazing sticky chai beers. A creation that will be offered at our future shop.
  • W’One Patisserie – For all of our collaborations and her inspiration in how she uses our products.
  • Janeth Chavez – For creating from scratch the new marketing and imagery universe of La Main Noire.
  • Luana Bercovici – For assisting us in completing the La Main Noire designs with some fantastic graphic talent.
  • Atelier Quinze Vingts – For supporting and assisting us since the beginning throughout multiple projects, if ever in need of an architect… look no further!
  • Milos Zemiro – For having developed the simulations of our future shop and helping us dream.
  • Désirée – For having donated superb flowers for the crowdfunding video.
  • Les Fleurs – For having kindly lent us multiples cups, plates and plants for the shooting of our crowdfunding video.

AND LAST BUT ABSOLUTELY FAR FROM LEAST…. Thank you to you; all the generous contributors out there. We promise to do you proud.