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"La Joie", The Augmented Notebook

One notebook to sketch your ideas, 12 artworks to explore, one association to support

About the project

For the 4th edition of its connected notebook, MNSTR joins forces with its FRIENDS to create a notebook that is both virtually and humanly connected.

We designed this object together, one page at a time, to make you live an exceptional visual experience while supporting a non-profit organization with your donations.

Twelve artists, coming from a broad range of backgrounds, answered yes to our invitation. Each of them created a unique joy-based artwork. They all took part to the project on a voluntary basis.

Here is a sneak peek at the connected notebook, through Kashink, Nicolas Barrome, ELMØ, Charlotte Smith and Brokovich’s works:

La Joie x Kashink 

La Joie x Nicolas Barrome

La Joie x ELMØ

La Joie x Charlotte Smith 

The 12 Friends : 

What are the funds for?

2/3 of the raised funds will be donated to the non-profit organization Passeurs d’Arts.

The last third will cover the printing and shipping fees, Ulule’s commission and some others banking fees.

Passeurs d’Arts is a non-profit art organization that initiates children to music to help them in their daily lives. 

To lear more about the association :

About the project owner

Created in 2010 by strategists and creatives working hand in hand, MNSTR - "monstre" - reconcile online and offline, storytelling and technology. 

As our name evokes, MNSTR imagine ourselves as an agile agency capable of taking different shapes.


  • Avec quel téléphone est compatible le carnet ?

    Le carnet La Joie est compatible avec les iPhone et les Androïd.
    Sous réserve que votre iPhone soit, au minima, un iPhone 5 et que votre Androïd soit agé de 4 ans minimum. 

    Vous pouvez télécharger l’application "La Joie, by MNSTR & Friends" depuis l’Apple Store ainsi que depuis Google Play.

    Last updated: 2 years ago

  • What are the printing and delivering dates?

    We will only launch the first print run of the notebook in June for a delivery between mid-July and late August. 

    Last updated: 2 years ago

  • What about international delivery?

    Yes, you can have your parcel delivered worldwide. You only need to enter a valid delivery address when you place your order.

    Last updated: 2 years ago

  • What if the delivery address is not the buyer’s address?

    That’s not a problem. When filling in your order information, you can enter both a billing address and a delivery address. 

    Last updated: 2 years ago

  • Are you only selling the Le Joie notebook on the Ulule crowdfunding platform?

    The "La Joie" notebook is an exclusive Ulule product that you can only buy on the dedicated project page. There won’t be any other presale.

    Last updated: 2 years ago

  • Is it possible to buy more than one notebook at a time?

    Of course.

    When making a pledge, you can select the number of notebook that you want.

    Note that every notebook will be shipped to the same address (the one you enter when placing your order).

    Last updated: 2 years ago

  • What’s the notebook design?

    The MNSTR agency and 12 artists have designed the notebook; illustrators, graphic designers, photographers and designers took part to this project. The graphic identity is the same as the one you have on the project page: yellow cover with “La Joie” blue text. It’s 160-page long and you’ll find the 13 artworks to scan with your smartphone. 

    Last updated: 2 years ago

  • Is the notebook published in several languages?

    The notebook has been written in English. Visual arts don’t need translation.

    Last updated: 2 years ago

  • Will you have “beyond the notebook” exhibitions of the artworks?

    There will be French exhibitions of the 13 pieces of art, held in Annecy and Paris. The Galerie Art By Friends will host the Annecy exhibition, from June 12 to June 17, 2017. The Fish Eye Gallery will host the Parisian one, from June 29 to July 1st, 2017. 

    Last updated: 2 years ago

  • Can we purchase the artworks from the notebook?

    The artworks from the notebook have been designed for the La Joie project only and are not for sale.

    However, if you’re interested in one of the artists’ work (see their names on the project page), they all have their own website on which you’ll find more info.

    Last updated: 2 years ago

  • Will you mention my name on the acknowledgements page?

    An acknowledgement page will be added in the notebook to thank all the Ulule backers.

    There won’t be individual acknowledgements.

    In order to meet our printing deadline and not to impact the notebook layout, only the artist and the project working teams will appear on this page.  

    Last updated: 2 years ago