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Agriculture 4.0 for the environment

With Drone Des Champs reasoned agriculture is at your fingertips

About the project

Hi, my “Droneurs Des Champs”, my name is Nicolas Deschamps.

Today, I will tell you about tomorrow’s agriculture, agriculture 4.0

An agriculture based on digital technologies enabling the famer to reduce costs but also to respect the environment. My wish is to become an actor in this transition with drones.

Drone Des Champs witches to invent the agricultural world of tomorrow. A reasoned and eco-responsable agricultural world.

The agricultural imaging sector is an under-exploited market. To date, no agricultural data collection company has developed a partnership with a certified and competent agronomist to analyze this data accurately.

Today, we want to put in place a turnkey solution that will be the engine of the connection between the farmer, the agronomist and the digital technology for a reasoned agriculture that is respectful of the environment and economically viable.

Drone Des Champs has ambition of :

creating link between farmer and agrologist by collecting data that be used to establish an efficient and certified diagnosis by agronomist engineering
Intervening locally where the illness or anomaly is detected.

Agriculture 4.0 is combination of 3 skills: 

What are the funds for?

Our first objectif --- 20.000$ ---

We have already won $ 15,000 but we need you to finalize our first stage!
This first step can be realized only thanks to you...
We want to create the agriculture of tomorrow, agriculture 4.0

About the project owner

My name is Nicolas Deschamps and I am the founder of Drone Des Champs. I am a creator and a dreamer anchored on the ground. I want to be an actor of the agricultural revolution, one that will be eco-responsible and respectful of our environment: Agriculture 4.0.

My dreams have always been fly, enjoy nature and create. I grew up in contact with f my father’s agricultural machinery, in a French farmhouse, where I always wanted to understand how the equipment works. It is this curiosity that naturally led me to an initial career as industrial designer in mechanical design.

But when I arrived In Montréal on November 1, 2016, everything changed. Decided to make a new Quebec adventure a new springboard, I embarked on the creation of a company.

The adventure DRONE DES CHAMPS has thus simply started with a passion – new technologies – and a desire – to be creative of its own adventure.

Passionate about agriculture and technology, my dream was to fly. It was with drones that I decided to do it in the service of agriculture and the environment.  A unique idea that I will grow there in Quebec.





If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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