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Eco-designed bike trailer

A basic trailer to follow you everywhere

  • Last days for the discount link

    Dear cyclist !

    Thanks again for you support !

    Only 3 of you asked for the discount we where offering you to share to your friends. In less than 5 days they will miss this opportunity to be the firsts in testing our simple bike trailer.

    For getting this discount, just request it by sending us an email : [email protected]

    We really need you to make this project sustainable beyond our pre-order campain =)

    Take care !

    Killien & Niklas

  • Last Week

    Dear cyclist !

    We are happy we reach the 100 % so fast ! But we still need your help for reaching at least 150 % and make sure this project will be durable.

    There are only 6 days left, and the the pre-orders will be over. This means it is your last chance for you and your friends to become a tester of this nice bike trailer.Don't forget to tell your friends about this pre-orders before they miss the opportunity.

    Don't forget, you could get a discount if you contact us per email and you explain us your situation ! ([email protected])

  • We reach 100 % !

    With your help, we reached the pre-orders goal !

    THANK YOU ! All this in less than 2 weeks =)

    We hope we can reach the next step : 200 % ! This would help us to develop so more storing modules for the trailer

    Because we are so grateful, we want to give you this link you can share with a cyclist friend who would love to get a reduced price trailer thanks to you !

    Tell them to send us an email to [email protected] to get the reduction link ;)