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The do-it-yourself Mecanigma puzzle box

Join NKD Puzzle adventure!

About the project

We design and make Puzzle Boxes. The time to make them is very long for some models, so we would like to offer them in do-it-yourself kits!

You will craft them by yourself and so we can offer then at a lower price. What's more: you will have fun crafting them!


A very clever design!

This kind of plier is very cleverly designed: there is not waste when you separate the pieces to assemble the plier. All the parts are part of the plier.



A super nice gift original and clever that is for everyone

The design of this spinning top gives it special features: it can spin on your hand or on your garden table for example.

Really amazing, and it's you who will be the craftman!




More than just a puzzle, Serpento, once assembled, remain sturdy and can be manipulated again and again. This wooden snake will appeal you greatly!




From a steampunk roots, it will be the perfect box to keep your secrets, savings or even the coins you've left after paying for some bread!




Build the pyramid and lock the mummy up !




Do-it-yourself kit. Everything is included (no need for glue). Carefully cutted in our shop at "La Distillerie" in Lodève.



Do-it-yourself kit. Everything is included (no need for glue). Carefully cutted in our shop at "La Distillerie" in Lodève.



Scriptum Cube as for main motto Iliad and Odyssey (text in old Greek that covers the sides of the cube). Spatial memory is the main theme of the enigma.

It is still made with poplar wood, laser cut and benefits from a customizable combination

Will you be able to defeat the Minotaur ?

People say good things about it overseas:




Spherical chess game

64 boxes distributed on a sphere of 20 cm in diameter, movements on three axes for better visibility during the game. The base has storage for the pieces.



Mecanigma is a mecanical enigma from a steampunk root. It opens after around 15 moves and has a combination lock.

 This puzzle box has been designed by Christophe Laronde and was born to life thanks to a 3D modelisation software and CNC machines (3D printers for the plastic pieces and laser cutting for the wooden pieces).


What are the funds for?

We need your support to enforce the idea that what we are doing are worth doing it and that you like it.

10 000 € will allow us to achieve the Scriptum Cube Kit. There is very little work to complete to be able to sell it to you.



20 000 € will allow us to dedicate time to develop the Mecanigma Kit. It is 100% sure that the Kit will go live soon. Still, there is around 1 year of developing it to make sure that the kit will be "friendly-user" to make by anybody.

We count on your support to speed up the process!


30 000 € is a means to put Christophe full time at 100% on designing and crafting.

Architecto (picture below) is already being developed...Inspired by Relativity of M.C Escher. Probably hundred of moves.....

About the project owner

All our products are made in France and are the proof or a local know-how, environment and human-friendly. Our firm was born from a friendship of 2 guys passionated by steam punk and fantasy, magic, puzzles, cray creations, mechanisms, precise manual work, technology, home-made cassoulet (French food). We don't subcontract anything abroad to achieve 100% made in France. Crazy and complex mechanisms from far galaxies between roman and modern technology. In order to share our pleasure to design and build, we offer do-it-yourself kits. All what is needed to build to puzzles is provided in our kits.

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