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Les Petits Avant-gardistes

The alpha generation Zip Jacket

About the project


This project came about  from our personal experience as mums. 
Every morning when it’s time to dress our children, we find ourselves faced with the same problems: unable to fold over or too narrow of a neckline for sweaters, button down shirts; tight jeans difficult for children to put on alone and zippers which often don't close properly. In the end, children don't want to get dressed or they take too much time trying to do it by themselves--always leading to tantrums and frustration.
We shared these observations with other mums and immediately realised that we needed to do something to change this.

We decided to create kids clothing designed to facilitate day to day life for kids and  parents.

We prepared two prototypes, both sleek design jackets (long and short versions) with soft, elastic and gentle fabric inside and high-end finishes for durability. In order to facilitate the challenges of closing and opening clothing for children (as well as teach them to be autonomous), these jackets open and close easily from top to bottom. 



We would like to lauch this FW 2017 a small collection of 4 jackets (2 unisex models in 2 colours).






Easy to open and close - Precise fastening





Our magnets are covered with a plastic water repellent film. There is no direct contact with kids skin. They are resistant to water, they can go in a washing machine. 


The colors of the jackets presented are not contractual, they may vary slightly.

It won't be asked to you to give us your color and size preference when you order on Ulule. We will contact you by email at the end of the campaign for the details. You will then be able to ask for advice if you have any doubt about a size for instance.

Free worldwide shipping.

If you realize that the size isn't good the day of the delivery, you will of course be able to change size, return costs will be at your charge.

What are the funds for?

About the project owner


From left to right: Sophie, Marina.


Behind this project is Marina. Mother of three, she soon realises that their clothes are not adequate to their lifestyle. They need comfort and soft fabrics to be able to follow their desire of autonomy in the little daily gestures - like fastening and undoing their jackets!
To her side is Sophie, a talented designer and pattern maker who graduated from the prestigious international school ESMOD.

Together they embarked on creating an elegant brand with minimalist designs, which can be the expression of children's needs (o più semplicemente "which can meet children's needs").

We think "avant-gardist" because the focus on future, technology and innovation, together with a good amount of passion, are the engine that pushes us every day to investigate new ways to make our kid's daily life easier and fun.

Our story begins today with you, by sharing the project, with a little contribution with a pre-order, or a simple encouragement message... everything helps!


Les Petits Avant-gardistes







We thank Diana Rudy for the video,
Alexandre de Belleroche for the shooting,
our mini models Mia and Arthur,
and all that helped out on this project.



If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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