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Swim Shorts for Men 100% made in Colombia

About the project


Our designs are created by two young passionate Colombian designers and are manufactured in a family owned textile workshop in the city of Bogota currently employing 10 local artisans

Inspired by the Amerindian art “Kuna” and the colorful Colombian folklore, Kúnaco is a symbol of the Caribbean lifestyle and mindset.


What started out as a collaborative effort between young French and Colombians is now an aspiring startup embodying the principles of living together, cultural diversity and social contribution. Our products represent the harmonious union between French fashion and Colombian artistic creativity.

                Once designed by Tatiana and Leonardo, our designs are digitally printed on a canvas via the process of transferencia performed by a company specializing in this domain.

Our high-quality canvases are originally from Colombia and purchased from well-established suppliers in the textile industry on a local and international level.


The swimsuits are then produced in a textile workshop by highly trained Colombian artisans. The workshop is also socially responsible in terms of selecting its workers by employing mostly senior workers (mainly women) who are facing difficulties finding a job

In line with one of our core principles « social contribution », Kúnaco is in partnership with « La Casita de Nicolás », an orphanage in Medellin, and is committed to donating a portion of its fundraising and future revenues to this foundation. Each contribution you make will help dozens of abandoned children and pregnant women currently living under difficult conditions to have a chance at a better life.








For the choice of your size (S,M,L,XL), a tutorial will be sent to you once your contribution completed !

What are the funds for?

Your contributions will allow us to launch the first collection of our swimsuit designs and to cover all the expenditures necessary for starting the project. 150 pre-orders is the goal, reaching it means further developing  the brand and keeping the project alive for the next few months.

Your contribution will be allocated as follow:

The donations reverted to « La Casita de Nicolás » will serve to finance the daily costs of the orphanage (food, medicines, school materials…) as well as to organize after-school activities for the kids.

If the goal of 150 pre-orders is achieved, We could develop new designs and thus continue our collaboration with Tatiana and Leonardo :)) We are therefore counting on you to share Kúnaco project and to spread the word around you ! Big thanks for your support !!

About the project owner

Tatiana (designer), François (founder) and Leonardo (designer)

After making many trips to Colombia and spending one year in Bogota, the idea of Kúnaco was born in my mind.

The first time I visited Colombia was in 2007 when I was 16 years old. It was love at first sight, I immediately fell for this magnificent country and its generous people. A strong bond was established with Colombia, a bond that only grew stronger.

More than anything, « Colombia es pasión »  is a mindset. Each item of Kúnaco sold aims at spreading the joyfulness the Colombian people are known for through its use of bright colors and creating a desire to escape from the stress of everyday life into the wonderful nature of the Colombian landscapes.

Kúnaco is above all a common project between France and Colombia.
My collaboration with Tatiana and Leonardo started after I organized a contest for 10 south American artists from which the young Colombian couple was declared the winners. Out of this contest was born a profound artistic complicity.

As a last thought, we can only hope that the project of Kúnaco will help in projecting a positive image of Colombia and introduce the world to the tremendous assets that this country possesses.

Acknowledgements: Big thank-you to Glenda, Daniela, Doña Judith, Camilo, Mayssam, Isabella and Jules for their precious help and support. 


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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