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Knock on Wood

Wooden pavilion constructed by students and local companies under the guidance of BINA team located in Belgrade

About the project

Bringing back the value of wooden materials on the local scene!

The “Knock on Wood” project intends to show the value which wooden architecture contributes to the quality of life in cities. We intend to do this by building a temporary wooden pavilion in  Belgrade.

Be part of the most influential architecture event in the region! 

“Knock on wood” was a part of the programme of the 9th Belgrade International Architecture Week - BINA 2014 festival in Belgrade, Serbia, that was held from 8th to 31st of May 2014 with the theme «Spaces of Publicness». 

Belgrade International Architecture Week (BINA) is a non-for-profit organization of architecture and design professionals and enthusiasts involved in the production of various trans-cultural projects dedicated to the development of design, architecture and communication.

9th Belgrade International Architecture Week - BINA 2014 cover

 The Belgrade International Architecture Week – BINA is a project by the Association of Belgrade Architects held annually  since 2006. 

Temprorary wooden pavilion

The pavilion will be a wooden structure promoting innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly wooden architecture and will serve as a workshop, lecture and exhibition hall for architecture students and everyone in need of a space for creative work. The pavilion area is approx. 60m2 in one level.

The pavilion was designed within the student workshop held at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade in December 2013. The workshop was  guided by Brendeland & Kristoffersen architects from Trondheim, Norway. 

This is a collaborative project between the Association of Belgrade Architects, the Faculty of Architecture of Belgrade and the University of Arts, Belgrade.  

The pavilion will be constructed by students and local building companies and will be supervised by the BINA team andthe local building company. The location of the pavilion is in the courtyard of the University of Arts, Faculty of Painting.

Pavilion location - Faculty of Architecture courtyard - the first day of the student workshop

Student workshop, Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, Geir Brendeland and David Grandorge with the students, December 2013

Pavilion location, University of Arts, Belgrade

 The relevance of 1:1 built projects and student participants in such environments:

“For architecture students in general there are very few possibilities of realizing any built work. The real life experience of joining together physical material to manifest an architectural space is therefore a source of immense satisfaction and an ultimate learning situation. Our experience is also that real life built projects can generate an incredible sense of optimism. The act of building a real project seems like an insurmountable barrier for most students. By breaking this barrier, students are then often spurred on to generate further projects. And to a larger degree involve them selves in other community projects. An example is NTNU in Trondheim which have consistently offered the students the possibility to build 1:1 and have seen their students go on to generate a string of highly relevant architectural works, most notably in third world countries. The project will also offer a strong improvement of the present study conditions. The new space will be a place to meet, to improvise and to build."

Geir Brendeland & Olav Kristoffersen

In May 2014 we held an international conference on WOOD ARCHITECTURE whith main participants coming from Nordic countries due to their strong tradition and experience in the use of wood and timber in construction, architecture and design.

Geir Brendeland at the "Knock on Wood" conference, Belgrade, May 2014

Help us build a wooden pavilion!

Construction started on July 20th 2014, at the University of Arts, the courtyard of the Faculty of painting, Mila Milunovica 1, Belgrade. The construction is planned to be completed in 3-4 weeks, and the pavilion opening is scheduled for September 2014.

From September 2014 the pavilion will be used for various programs directed mainly at the students, organized by the University of Arts, BINA and all others interested in taking part in this project. We will keep you updated on all the events scheduled in the pavilion for 2014/2015.

Here are some pictures from the construction site and of the construction development in the past week :

What are the funds for?

So far, the BINA team has managed to collect 80% of the entire budget needed for the construction of the “Knock on Wood” pavilion. We hereby kindly ask you to help us raise the minimum remaining funds for the wooden pavilion that would bring us close to the 90% of the entire budget. Ideally, we're aiming for more than this amount, which would allow us to fully furnish the pavilion, but it is most important to complete the exterior. 

We have set our Ulule goal at €3500 as the minimum amount we'd need to erect and enclose the pavilion. The funds we would gather through crowdfunding will be used for the building materials and construction of the pavilion.

More importantly, we will ensure that the amount collected here will produce results in a truly spectacular and special wooden project that would trigger many more projects like this in the future!

We find that the spirit of this project perfectly fits into the concept of crowdfunding. The community spirit and volunteer involvement has made this project possible thus far, therefore crowdfunding is considerd very natural as a possibility of collecting the final sum needed for the project completion. 

BINA sponsor material

About the project owner

The Association of Belgrade Architects initiated the BELGRADE INTERNATIONAL ARCHITECTURE WEEK in 2006. In this endeavor, the Belgrade International Architecture Week gathers many partners (Faculty of Architecture of Belgrade, Chamber of Engineers of Serbia, UN Habitat, foreign cultural centers in Belgrade, Heritage protection services and various city institutions) as well as many participants.

The authors’ team of the BINA festival, who alsoact as the programmng team for “Knock on Wood” project, consists of various architects, members of the Association of Belgrade Architects, top authors of the Serbian scene in their fields of expertise.

In 2012 the BINA team built the first temporary pavilion in Belgrade. The Project team consisting of MDH Architects, Quentin Le Guen-Geffroy and engineer Florian Kosche (Norway based professionals)  constructed the first BINA KABINA, a temporary pavilion for the 7th Belgrade International Architecture Week with the theme “City energy”.

This pavilion was a flexible, adaptable space, capable of assuming multiple identities and functions and it became a part of the BINA programme in 2012. The pavilion was constructed together with the students from Belgrade school of architecture. It was installed in the Republic Square in Belgrade during BINA 2012. Using recycled pallets, the team created an open, autonomous landscape that could gradually change its character to facilitate different programmes. The design was a site-specific, eco-conscious and tectonically interesting piece of architecture. The structure was dismantled in a way ensuring the reuse of the pallets. The pavilion served as a venue for talks, debates and presentations during the festival and continued as a summer cafe for three weeks after the end of the official opening week.

The “Knock on Wood” pavilion is the continuation of this project from 2012 and collaboration with Nordic architects and professionals we had in the past, as well as the continuation of building up a stronger network between professionals from Nordic countries.  

BINA festival is one of the most important and successful architecture events in the region. We believe that BINA KABINA has the potential to be an initiator of a transformation of public spaces in Belgrade by its temporary pavilion concept. We think of BINA KABINA as an urban strategy and an inspiring atmosphere to encourage new experiences and introduce new ideas.

We are looking forward to build BINA KABINA 2014 together with you!

BINA KABINA 2012, BelgradeBINA KABINA 2012, Belgrade - openingBINA KABINA 2012, Belgrade - opening

BINA festival is one of the most important and successful architecture events in the region. We believe that BINA KABINA has ambition to be an initiator of a transformation of public spaces in Belgrade by its temporary pavilion concept. We think of BINA KABINA as an urban strategy and an inspiring atmosphere to encourage new experiences and introduce new ideas.

Help us build BINA KABINA 2014!