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Knap : The vision of shopping

Knap, the first system that allows you to skip the queue and find the products and promotions you want in supermarkets.

About the project

4380 hours

It’s the time you’ll spend in a waiting queue in your life.

What if… You stopped waiting ? 

We know how annoying and boring waiting can be. Especially in a supermarket queue.
A child crying, the unceasing « bip » noise the cashing machine is doing, people in front of taking -a bit too much- their time to unload their carts…

What if… You stopped searching ? 

Hundreds of alleys. Thousands of square feet. Dozen of thousands products. And you’re looking for a single one…
Who never has seen himself running around all alleys three times in order to find a single product ?

The Knap solution:

Establish your lists.
Find what you look for
Get your products in the Kart.
Pay. Avoid checkout. Get out.

Yours groceries. Without loss of time.

1-List it.

The Knap app allows you to create as much groceries lists as you need. Then, depending on your shopping list and promotions that match you, we guide you through the whole supermarket. You don’t have to look for a single product.

2-Knap it.

The Kart, our smart cart, recognize products you deposit in and displays them in the app. 
You can then consult infos on every products in the Kart and the total amount.

3-Get out.

Once your groceries completed, you just have to confirm the payment in the app and to get out, without having to wait in a queue.
Your groceries are paid and ready to be loaded

What are the funds for?

We need you to produce a viable product, a fleet of 30 Karts linked to the Knap app, and to test it in real situation inside a supermarket with the goal of proving the interest of this project and to sign a first contract with a supermarket.

Goal: 0 queue

Produce a first viable product :

A Kart that replaces actual self-checkout system linked to the Knap app.

Goal :

30 functional Karts  integrated in a supermarket to suppress waiting queues for its users.

Why we do this :

To prove the feasibility and the interest generated by the project so we can sign our first contract with a supermarket.

They talk about us:

About the project owner

At the root of this project we are two students in web marketing and digital project management. We always were appealed to entrepreneurship and we wanted to create a innovative company that give a real service to community.Then we have been joined by two other associates (and friends) whom reinforced our team and our skills panel.Today we’re a dozen to work on the project, and every member has a different culture and different skills.

We proved the technical and economic feasibility of our project already and we know there is interest from both users and supermarkets. At this day we will very soon have finished the prototype development and we are currently in negotiations with a supermarket to test it.

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If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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