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Klimato, the future is in your hands

A competitive family card game about climate change

About the project

Citizens of the planet Klimato, welcome.

As you know, our planet is in danger of total ecological destruction. The situation is serious, very serious. There is not much time left, about 20 minutes. We immediately need 2 to 5 people. Only requirement is to be over 8 years old. Are you ready? Perfect. Our last hope now rests with one of you.

Your goal is to develop the most sustainable city on the planet.

Klimato is a bilingual (french and english) game with 90 cards, including:

  • cities to develop ;
  • missions for bonus victory points ;
  • ressources distributed in 3 locations, the oilfield, the uranium mine and the forest ;
  • buildings to construct also used to indicate weather and catastrophes 🌪️

Combine resources and take advantage of the weather to buy the buildings at your disposal on the market. The game ends when a city has six buildings, but the final victory depends on the points generated by your city, the resources used and the missions fulfilled.

Leave nothing to chance. Choose your resources and select your buildings. You can even check the forecast for the nex day.

Use the plants on the border of neighboring cities. Occasional alliances, pernicious blockages or tactical sabotages, all shots are allowed.

Polluting hydrocarbons, climatic disasters, waste to bury, forest to replant ... learn the consequences of an energy-consuming world.Several missions influencing a variety of possible strategies, from fossil to renewable, including nuclear and degrowth. 

At the start of the game, each one has an imposed building. We take turns until someone reaches 6 buildings. The city with the most victory points wins.

Game turn
There are 2 possible actions: draw a resource or buy a building among the 6 available in the market.

Drawing a resource
Draw a card in the oilfield to find hydrocarbon, in the uranium mine to find uranium or in the forest to find wood. But be careful, there is already enough waste on this polluted planet and resources are not unlimited.

Buying a building
To buy a building on the market, you will have to pay the energy cost indicated on the building you want to build.

Producing energy
You can obtain energy in many ways. Burn wood, take advantage of the weather or even use the border building of neighboring cities.

Border building
Cities to your left and to your right can use your border buildings. And you can do the same with theirs. When your city grows, your borders change. Will you help them or will you pollute their cities for more energy? 

If CO2 levels increase too much, hurricanes and forest fires will hit you harder. Nuclear disasters and sabotages may also occur during the game. Do you really want to sacrifice the planet to win?

Green building and completed missions earn you victory points. The use of non-renewable resources makes you lose points. The city with the most victory points at the end wins. 

📖 Learn more with the rules (french PDF version). English rules in progress.

What are the funds for?

This crowdfunding campaign can help us make Klimato a reality. Join the adventure, share this campaign around you while there is still some time left. Thank you very much!

Each payment is secured and grants you a reward:

Pledge €15 or more about US$ 17
1 Klimato game delivered this summer
Shipping cost  🇫🇷 France €3 (about $US 4) · 🌎 Worldwide €7 (about $US 8)

Pledge €28 or more about US$ 31
2 Klimato games delivered this summer
Shipping cost  🇫🇷 France €6 (about $US 7) · 🌎 Worldwide €12 (about $US 14)

Pledge €42 or more about US$ 47
1 giant size Klimato + 3 bookplates signed by Justine Braida
Shipping cost  🇫🇷 France €6 (about $US 7) · 🌎Worldwide €12 (about $US 14)

Pledge €72 or more about US$ 81
6 Klimato games delivered this summer
Shipping cost  🇫🇷 France €9 (about $US 10) · 🇪🇺European Union €12 (about $US 14) · 🌎Worldwide €23 (about $US 26)

The main goal is to send the games in july 2020. At the end of the campaign, we validate the production of the games and launch the whole manufacturing process which takes 6 to 9 weeks.

Goal 100 % : Manufacturing ✅
It’s official, Klimato will become a reality.

Stretch goal 200 % : Eco-conception ✅
Klimato will be FSC certified.

Stretch goal 300 % : Durability ✅
We improve the quality with linen cards.

Stretch goal 400 % : Print and play ✅
We publish a print and play version under Creative Commons CC BY-NC 4.0.

Stretch goal 500 % : Owl tree ✅
We add an exclusive card in the first edition of the game.


About the project owner

Yoann Brogol is a french designer who created its first game in Montreal in 2018.

Justine Braida is a french artist, founder of atelier Poppy, a tiny illustrated curiosity workshop.

Subverti is a young french board games studio. Created by Yoann in 2019, it has just been joined by Maxime and Théo to develop board games that are always more subversive!

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