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KiweeOne your airborne wind turbine

Your 100% renewable energy wherever you are

  • 2019, wind turbines will be also in the sky of Brazil and the Philippines

    Many geographic areas experience scheduled power outages; end-of-line delivery sometimes remains erratic and off-grid populations consume fuel in generators. Kitewinder brings an elemental brick with its airborne wind turbine socalled KiweeOne. KiweeOne is helping to strengthen the power grid at the local level. This is a promising solution that is very suitable for islands like the Philippines as well as for large expanses like Brazil

  • 100% threshold reached! Thank you all

    We still have 2 days to go together further. Spread the news, talk enthusiastically about the energy transition and your contribution to that!
    We are giving life to a project at a large wind turbine family. The wind circulates everywhere on Earth!

  • 40 years laters, we may see emergence of airborne wind turbine

    Some of you told us about this comic strip released in 1976!

    In the midst of the oil crisis, designer Roger Leloup projects a futurist technologist into unknown and futuristic worlds. A humanistic fable about tolerance and the possibility of peoples to co-exist peacefully.

    At the bend of a page ... wind turbines kites as a source of renewable energy ...

    Your enthusiasm and energy are making real what was only a desire for the future.

  • Our future distributors invest in their area

  • Our future distributors invest in their geographical area

    This crowdfunding is intended to help geographic areas to open up to new technology that respects the environment and contributes to the energy transition.

    We know how to be an entrepreneur is rewarding when our actions succeed. Often, to get started it is necessary a little help; a starting impulse that allows us to overcome our doubts and give us confidence to take action.

    That's why Kitewinder is proud to take a measured and shared risk with its future distributors by granting a 61% discount on the public sale price.

    This unique offer PACK PRO, to test its market in the geographical area where you are. This is already the beginning of success.

    Geographical area of ​​Guinea is already tested. For France, a first representation is signed on trade shows that are promoting digital equipments for mobility.