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Kirikou: an open source electricity monitor

please help me build a prototype for my pitch in Zurich

  • Action!

    Hello dear friends and supporters,

    The little Kirikou project is gaining momentum and things are goingdouble speed now: I will present it at my University Sommerfest and try to get some more exposure and attention.

    I am also working closely with the building management team at the Uni to identify a little building where we would install a little Kirikou as a pilot installation, paid by the students council...

    More exciting news to come, and be sure to check your postboxes soon ;-)


    Amin and Kirikou

  • Slow progress

    Hello everyone,

    I haven't posted any updates on kirikou since January, I feel a little bit embarassed, but I was really over-busy.

    Finished my internship at Wagner und Co., took a few seminars and courses about offgrid solar systems, read and learned a lot about electronics and protocols, now I got a well paid temporary job to save my very red bank account.

    I had a few problems with the blackwidow board: analog signals get very disturbed within the board itself, so I had to buy an official CE certified Arduino UNO and an official Ethernet Shield.

    Of the 305 Euros raised (Thanks Wagner und Co. and Annette R.) I spent 341 Euros :P ... yes overbudget already!

    I have now a setup that works perfectly, and is very accurate, I just need to connect it to the network. A matter of time :/

    But anyway, I am mre determined than ever to start a business around this, with the help and support of the community.

     Stay tuned...

  • Operation Ulule successful!

    As you can see, and thanks to your help and support, we finally managed to raise the 120EUR and even more!

    I would like to thank you all very sincerely. Your support counts a lot, not only because it will allow me to buy the components and built Kirikou, but more importantly, because it shows that there are people who believe in my ideas and trust me with their money (after all I could take the 150 EUR and go to a strip club :P). This moral support is priceless (I could find money otherwise easily) and it fills me with tons of energy and enthusiasm.


    +The BlackWidow board arrived!

    +Still waiting for the AC-AC adaptor (strange because it should be shipped from Germany) and for the current sensors from China.

    +The verdict of the HUB Zurich came out: unfortunately I was not among the top 10 ideas (they say they received more than 100 bright pitches), maybe it was not the right people to pitch an electronics project to, anyway now I can tune the idea, work on the product and finalize the business model.

  • Components are ordered!

    Hello everyone,

    I ordered the parts necessary during the weekend: Blackwidow board from the USA, AC-AC adaptor from Germany, the current sensors from China, and will buy the resistors and other small parts from a local store here in Marburg.

    I expect delivery during the first week of January.

    The verdict of the Zurich HUB foundation should be announced today, keep your thumbs crossed for me :S

    Still waiting for two bank transfers @ 20 euros each to reach my bank account.

    I will keep you updated!



  • 120€ raised in total!

    Dear all,

    I am so glad to announce that we reached 120 € of contributions if we count the 60 € in bank transfers that will be added as soon as I get confirmation from the bank, and the 10 € in cash.

    Thank you all very much for your help and trust!