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Keep Kids Close and Safe

Help us build a school in Nanglapa, Nepal, Himalayas

About the project

Dear Backers. We have reached our first goal of $5,000. We are fully funded and are thrilled! THANK YOU!

Since our small but fully equipped kindergarden and primary school will cost $10,000 in total our stretch goal is another $5,000 yes that's right we need to get to 200% funded!  We have 17 days left to raise the remaining amount. Yes we can do this, together we can! Please back us and help spread the word to people who love kids, love tea and love Nepal! We hope thats almost everyone out there!


We are seeking to raise funds for 30 primary school children from 12 families (soon to be 20 families) to be able to go to school close to their homes in Nanglapha, Panchthar District, Nepal. Currently these children are located at a 2,000 m altitude and must walk even further up the hill to go to school. They range in age, as young as five to six years old of parents who are cooperative members and often working. They and their siblings often go to different schools.

This funding is for construction and establishment costs of a proposed Upper Garden School for these young children in Naglapa.The school will consist of three rooms and a kitchen made from bamboo and covered on top with a polycarbonate roof. The building format will begin with foundation, classroom construction, library, furnishings, and kitchen. The total projected cost is estimated to be $10,000 with an incremental cost breakdown as follows:


This team has a strong connection to Kanchanjangha and these 12 families in need. The necessity for a small primary school became clear while we three tea lovers and entrepreneurs spent an amazing five days on the farm, plucking tea, rolling tea and drinking lots of tea in June 2018.

This remote region of Nepal, high in the mountains, are their own complex ecosystem. By helping the kids to stay safe and educated nearby, we are enabling 12 families to stay up on the hill and continue to enjoy an independent and healthy lifestyle as cooperative members. We want to help these families living on the upper mountain by making the schooling of their children less difficult and logistically complex. The organic tea cooperative Kanchanjangha in the Nepalese Himalayas already provides scholarships to all kids from cooperative members and full time workers and will provide ongoing maintenance, school materials, and clothing to these school aged children.

What are the funds for?

70% of Funding distribution will go directly to the school while the remainder will be used to successfully raise these needed funds and deliver the contribution rewards.

About the project owner

We are a three people team ("Three Tea Muskatears") that travelled in Nepal together in June 2018 where we decided to launch a campaign to help fundraise to build a school in Nanglapha, Nepal.

Annabel Kalmar (left) - was always a bit of a do-gooder and turned that into a passion business when she arrived in Canada in 2017. With a background in international development, agriculture and strategy, she decided that the tea industry was ripe for a shaking up and founded Tea Rebellion to change how tea is traded, marketed and consumed. This Ulule project marks Tea Rebellion’s first birthday! If you love our mission and teas, pitch in to support this great cause dear to our heart and teas! 

Tracy Mahr (middle)has always had a passion for people and a heart for giving. Her love of tea and travel brought her to Nepal, and somewhere deep in her heart she knew it would be a life-changing experience. As a chef, her desire to have a kitchen as part of the school will help ensure nutritional food will be offered and available as this is one of the most important elements in a child’s academic success. She was a Godsend on our trip out in Nepal and befriended everyone, friend or foe. She learned how to make chapati, roll tea, survive in a high altitude, windy roads, and all that without a proper toilet! We had a blast with Tracy on this trip... 

Nishchal Banskota (right) - amazing leader, entrepreneur, story teller and just good friend to all folks out on the farm and people who love tea and travel with him. With a heart made from gold and a broad smile, Nishchal decided to not pursue a corporate job after his US education but instead travel back home to help after the 2015 earthquake. He then set up a local tea shop and later his US based tea venture Nepal Tea. Once a year, Nishchal takes open minded and keen tea lovers back to his farm to experience life there first hand. We were lucky to be on this trip in 2018.


There are several ways in which you can help make this school a reality for these deserving children:

1) Become an ambassador and share our news on social media platforms
2) Support us financially by contributing on this platform
3) Be an Ambassador AND support us financially

To thank you for your financial support, we have identified some amazing rewards for you to stay connected with the children and their families and to stay informed as we progress in the building of our school: