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Make each Goal count.

Karma Line, a mobile App to reach your goals and make micro-donation.

About the project

The first app dedicated to sustainable growth and personal empowering !

Karma Line is a mobile App built to give simple solutions to addictions, ecological and social issues. Designed to make thousands of people to adopt healthy and sustainable habits.

Improve yourself through reaching your goals and give to your favorite charities!

We will help you through our advices, coming from coachs and experts, and above all your friends that will motivate you everyday. With them, you will build an engaged community, that can really make each goal count.

Karma Line, The First App to Improve your Karma.

This Crowdfunding is dedicated to the ones who wants to change the world, non-profit organizations or individuals.

I am aware that you heard this topic thousands of times. But let's check at the bottom of the page to discover who is the founder of Karma Line.

A simple and healthy concept. Everytime that you reach a step of your goal, you will generate a Karma point. And ? That's all. No vouchers in shops, no counterpart. Otherwise, you won't really elevate your karma :)

Karma is the balance of those 3 elements. To reach the purest Karma, you need to combine a selfless action, the step of the action and the positive consequence on the longest term possible.

The real issue of Karma Line ? The App will enable us to see all our Karma Points united on one screen, to show that when humans are united on one goal, we can change everything ! That's right... What would happen for those unhealthy lobbies, if entire crowds would stop smoking or drinking at the same time ? We'll discover this together. And be sure of that: We will make you stop smoking :) Then, we will estimate the real consequences (so, the real Karma) of this reaction in the economy.

Do you get the concept now ? Let's see how it looks like.

On Karma Line, you're free to set-up your resolution as you want. Choose its duration, the association you want to give to, and the micro-gift you'll give at each step. You really need to come back everyday to validate your resolution, and this is what will make you succeed all of your challenges.

Then, invite your friends to follow your line with you ! It's really important for you to not be alone, and you'll see why...

From now, you'll be able to see the lines of your friends and interact with them. The really cool concept: You can send them message in the future, but they'll only be able to open if if they reached all the previous steps! (for exemple, at Day+3, I can put a photo or a text). If you don't come back on the App to validate it, the resolution is lost and your financial bet too!



Everytime you succeed a step of the line, you'll generate a Karma Point... But how will it looks like ? We will tell you everything on time... If you Follow us on our social medias and you'll know!

And you dear organizations and charities ? We don't forget you! If you are an ONG dedicated to general and public interest, (Non-profit organization) welcome on Karma Line. We got a bunch of tools for you, that set you at the first page of our App, and can reach the whole community of Karma Line. Propose an action, set a minimum of micro-donation, and here they go! People will grow their Karma while they act in favor of your values and missions.

This is not a free service, but we are convinced that if we really want to change the world, we need to earn some profits, in a loyal and ethic way, to grow Karma Line Company and propose you an increasing quality of services. We will guide you to use Karma Line as a Marketing tool, to earn new donations from younger people and reboost your communication.

Let's join us right now ! Send a mail to [email protected]

What are the funds for?

The first reason that pushed us to use Ulule, is the difficulty to get a loan from banks. Indeed, in France, they don't really take risks with innovative projects.

Happilly, we had 2 loans of honors, from local groups who were confident on my project. Those loans were fundamentals, as much as you are. Because we believe in the force of the group to finance and help projects that really matters for the Planet and our Health.

Let's watch how we will use your donations.

60% to insure the development of Karma Line.

The majority of the funds will be used to pay a part of the development. Indeed, our developers trust in this project, to the point that they decided to work with me without having any guarantee. They are my heroes !

32% for the Marketing.

We need at least that amount to take the bus and trains, maybe planes to get closer from our clients. We need to invest on marketing material, social media campaigns... And the most important, on amazing events to launch Karma Line, as indicated in the counterparts. Find the first of them in a Bar on our Instagram, Karma_line_app.

8% for Ulule.

Here are our financial goals

It looks like a lot ? It's not. Karma Line is a really ambitious project. 7K can be a real proof of concept, that would help us to find a credit with a bank. But we know we can get more. If we reach the 30K, we will be free from debt, and we'll can launch Karma Line in ideals condtions. For you, it's a real opportunity to contribute to a huge project... That will finaly be a major actor of the change we need to see on this planet now. Ethical, Karma Friendly and with a long term perception.

Let's draw together this virtous circle.... Everything comes from an action and your gift.

Be sure that Karma Line will be launched in March 2020 on AppStore and PlayStore.

About the project owner

Our Team:

The founder:

Hello Everyone! Thanks for checking my Ulule Page :)

I am Guillaume Paillette, I'm 22, and I'm proud to say I'm an ethical and ambitious Start-upper.

If I show you my project right now, it's because i'm convinced that personal growth is deeply linked to sustainable growth.

My entrepreneur vision comes from my familly: On the mother side, everyone got an altruistic job and is sooo ethical on many aspect of their lives. On the dad side, we can find many founders and entrepreneurs. I'm the fusion of both sides.

At 10, I become deeply aware of the ecological crisis, and this inner choc made me want to act and to save the world.

In January 2017, through a discussion with my best friend, Alexandre Leon, Karma Line was born.

Convinced by the power of the concept, I invested time and money, made studies and plans, and even build my own company to show you now a project that really can raise awarness. A real education to altruistic behavior, to give without counterpart, because those are the behaviors we really need to have in the tomorrow's world.

Check My Linkedin Page.


Thank you for your Ulule participation if you make one, and I let you check this quote :

"The real revolution is to be achieved, not in the external world, but in the soul and flesh of human beings." Aldous Huxley, Brave New World, 1932.


Let's meet again on Karma Line, March 2020 !

And may the Karma Be with you...

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