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Youth-Yellow color of the hope

About the project

 Title of the film :

« Jonné »*

A scénario- script by :

Rokhshad Nourdeh

Documentary- Fiction, 65' min.

[email protected]

The experiences of a young woman artist witness of the social events as the war and revolution since her age 14th in Iran and then in exile in Paris at the age of 20th, where she should confront and keep going by Art to reconcile the oriental and occidental culture.

The questions concerning « era of mass migrations » by the childhood vue regarding universe. !The film is going on, mostly at the studio of the artist.

Opening to the world is possible through the media as TV, Internet and telephone.
!Images: The paintings, animation and archives of documentary on TV , compose the images of the film. !Voices: Over (story teller) or Off, accompany the images.

What are the funds for?

I am working on this project since eight years and because of the social and familly situations I have not been supported by

The organizations or institutions. So I had to make a auto-production.

Your support would help me to make the third part of the film and finalizing, and calibrationof the film;  making subtitles.

Please have a look at:



and fine arts at:


About the project owner


Rokhshad Nourdeh –       

Practical artistic actvities (former and current works):
In the era of new technology, I swivel physically and virtually in space: “To find my “house family”.

I course unceasingly three continents of America, Europe and Asia. I work there and exposes, I collaborate in it with the artists, other thinkers: I perceive the social lives, also by the distance. Consequently “the voyage” is one of the main axis goshawks whose my visual creation is composed. I continue my artistic steps through various médiums such as installations,  performances, cinema and paintings. Thus by various means, j' exploit their narrative slope, which represents one of the key components `” of the unit my plastic work. 

The urgency to express me by the female body censured & tabou (in performance preconceived), to improvise, then to record it, in space “objet trouv3e”, carried out me towards a state to be between reality and the fiction. To film to document a “act healer” to exorcize the evil of this female body in exile. In Iran, I film and photography out of my personal universe: “reality”, very while trying to find “the common direction” at the human social one. All is to be exploited for “better including/understanding”. See and to show the most obvious and simple facts pass often unperceived and it is there perhaps that the attention should be paid. I would like to develop these points through my experiments: the way enters the body (Eastern woman) in situation closed and the social truths in image.

Biography and investigations :

Rokhshad Nourdeh :
Visual artiste.
She lives between Iran , France, Canada.
Graduated from the National school of Beaux Arts  and Paris I Sorbonne France.
She explores the relations existing between fine arts, visual arts and Cinema.

She had many exhibitions and grants or awards from art organizations in Europe & American continent.
Jury member at the CNC in 2010, France.
Founder of DID for making dialogue between Iranian and occidental artists, round tables and presentations :
Colombia University - NYC.  Uquam & Concordia University   Canada. Hassan II University Morocco.
“Re Cre accion”, Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) University Ciudad Real- Spain.
National Archive   of  Canadian films,  « Au dela des Limites », Festival New Cinema,  Montreal- Canada.
Proffessional round tables dOCUMENTA since 2011.
« Fragments », « Perfection does not exist » Bibliothéque Kandinsky, Centre George Pompidou Museum  Paris. Collection of MoMA New York , Paul Gatty Museum - L.A.
« Hanger for images » Cailler du Cinema, Espagne
« Iranian Galances » Repubblica- Rai national TV -1, 2, 3 Italie.
Casoria contemporary Art Museum Naple Italie Ca veut la paine Musée d’arts contemporain Les abattoires France."Marseilles, Europeen Capital of Art", Instant video