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Jon the Farmer

Urban Farmer

About the project

At Jon the Farmer - Urban Farmer, we believe in the importance of providing our neighbors and community-at-large, access to organic, bionutrient rich, hyper-locally grown foods.  In partnering with like-minded home owners, who have land to loan and a shared passion, we have been able to move into our fourth neighborhood - continuing to spread the message of good, good food and the benefits of a minimized carbon footprint. With this awesome growth, we have found that our processing abilities are not keeping up! As we continue to learn more and more about urban farming and our base grows and grows - we need you to help move this mission forward.

What are the funds for?

So, in addition to participating in the Jean-Martin Fortier MasterClass - which will further our understanding of how to continue providing our patrons with fresh and nutritious greens and other produce, our goal is to set-up a processing facility or formulate a partnership with another entity that has a facility, so that we can move at a more efficient pace, allowing us to be more productive and in turn, serve more people and spread the word of these good deeds.  (Oh...and provide the opportunity to make delicious creations like the ones pictured below, prepared by our current patrons)


About the project owner

At Jon the Farmer - Urban Farmer, we believe that people from all walks of life deserve fresh vegetables and fruit to eat.  We address the barriers of time, as well as access to land and knowledge, to empower and connect communities in creating abundance in your own backyards.   

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Visit our website, to get to know us more and see what we have to offer!

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