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  • What is a charm of Ragdrine?

    This is a digital good.

    The Ragdrine is a stone composed of Jiuns' crystals of an emerald color. Created by high level Alchemists, a charm of Ragdrine helps the binger to visit a contaminated are by Jiuns for an hour thnaks to its healing and purifying properties.

    Therefore, an hour of play in a contaminated area corresponds to the use of a charm of Ragdrine.
    The cities of the kingdom of Ganroth and Huglard distribute every day two charm of Ragdrine to each player.

    This system allows players not to 'waste' their game credits because unlike MMORPG and MMO subscription system, if you do not play for a week for example it won't consume any charm of Ragdrine.

    Charms of Ragdrine are distributable to other game accounts (useful for large amounts received via Ulule). Thereafter they can be sent to a character. That can not be sold or exchanged and it will be linked to their original owner.

    Last updated: 5 years, 10 months ago